Meaning of PROPERTY in English

/ ˈprɒpəti; NAmE ˈprɑːpərti/ noun ( pl. -ies )


[ U ] a thing or things that are owned by sb; a possession or possessions :

This building is government property.

Be careful not to damage other people's property.

—see also intellectual property , lost property , public property


[ U ] land and buildings :

The price of property has risen enormously.

property prices

a property developer

➡ note at building


[ C ] a building or buildings and the surrounding land :

There are a lot of empty properties in the area.

➡ note at building


[ C , usually pl. ] ( formal ) a quality or characteristic that sth has :

Compare the physical properties of the two substances.

a plant with medicinal properties



Middle English : from an Anglo-Norman French variant of Old French propriete , from Latin proprietas , from proprius one's own, particular.

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