Meaning of SHARE in English

(PART) [noun] - the part of a larger amount, which has been divided between several people, that belongs to or is owed to or has to be done by a particular personThe total bill comes to £80, so our share is £20. [C]I think you've had more than your (fair) share of that ice cream. [C]We must make sure that everyone gets equal shares of the food. [C]The managing director said that the company had increased its share of the market this year. [C]The party's share of the vote fell from 39% to 24%. [C]Middle-class students take up a large share of university places. [C]We have a quarter share in a house in Spain. [C]All of us had a share in making the decision. [C]She's not doing her share of the work. [C]He should take his share of the blame for what happened. [C] We must all accept some share of the responsibility. [U]Why don't we go shares (= divide the cost between us) on lunch?If you have your share of something, you have a lot of it.We've certainly got our share of problems at the moment.They've had more than their (fair) share of troubles recently.She's had her fair share of tragedies in her life.

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