Meaning of SHINE in English


[verb] [past:] shone or shined - to (cause to) be bright either by sending out or reflecting lightCan you stop the light shining in our eyes? [I]The sun shone all afternoon. [I]He polished the brass till it shone brightly/brilliantly. [I]Their bodies were shining with sweat.(figurative) Her eyes/face shone with happiness and excitement (= she looked very happy and excited). [I](figurative) Her honesty and sincerity shine out of her (= are obvious). [I]If you shine a light in a particular direction, you point it there.The policeman walked along the street, shining a torch into every car.If you shine something, you make it bright by rubbing it.He ironed his shirt and shined his shoes for the interview.If you shine at/in an activity or skill, you are extremely and obviously good at it.She's hopeless at languages, but she shines at science.

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