Meaning of SHINE in English


v. & n.

--v. (past and past part. shone or shined)

1. intr. emit or reflect light; be bright; glow (the lamp was shining; his face shone with gratitude).

2 intr. (of the sun, a star, etc.) not be obscured by clouds etc.; be visible.

3 tr. cause (a lamp etc.) to shine.

4 tr. (past and past part. shined) make bright; polish (shined his shoes).

5 intr. be brilliant in some respect; excel (does not shine in conversation; is a shining example).


1. light; brightness, esp. reflected.

2 a high polish; lustre.

3 US the act or an instance of shining esp. shoes.

Phrases and idioms:

shine up to US seek to ingratiate oneself with. take the shine out of

1. spoil the brilliance or newness of.

2 throw into the shade by surpassing. take a shine to colloq. take a fancy to; like.


shiningly adv.

Etymology: OE scinan f. Gmc

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