Meaning of SHINE in English


v. 1 gleam, glow, shimmer, radiate, beam, glare, flare, glisten, glitter, coruscate, twinkle, sparkle, scintillate, glint, flash, flicker The light of a candle shone from her window The stars are shining brightly. I want that brass polished till it shines. 2 polish, burnish, rub (up or down), buff, brush, brighten You'd best shine your shoes before going for the job interview 3 excel, surpass, stand out, outshine, be outstanding or pre-eminent or excellent or prominent or conspicuous She had shone at tennis from a very early age, and first entered Wimbledon when she was twelve

n. 4 gleam, glow, shimmer, sparkle, brightness, radiance, gloss, lustre, sheen, glaze, patina That shine was achieved with a little wax and elbow-grease 5 take a shine to. like, be attracted to, take a fancy to, fancy Her Great Dane has taken a shine to me and likes to sit on my lap

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