Meaning of SHINE in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ʃaɪn ]

( shines, shining, shined, shone)


When the sun or a light shines , it gives out bright light.

It is a mild morning and the sun is shining...

A few scattered lights shone on the horizon.

VERB : V , V


If you shine a torch or other light somewhere, you point it there, so that you can see something when it is dark.

One of the men shone a torch in his face...

The man walked slowly towards her, shining the flashlight.

VERB : V n prep , V n


Something that shines is very bright and clear because it is reflecting light.

Her blue eyes shone and caught the light.

...shining aluminum machines.

= gleam

VERB : V , V-ing


Something that has a shine is bright and clear because it is reflecting light.

This gel gives a beautiful shine to the hair...

= sheen



If you shine a wooden, leather, or metal object, you make it bright by rubbing or polishing it.

Let him dust and shine the furniture...

= polish

VERB : V n


Someone who shines at a skill or activity does it extremely well.

Did you shine at school?...

= excel



see also shining


If you say that someone has taken a shine to another person, you mean that he or she liked them very much at their first meeting. ( INFORMAL )

Seems to me you’ve taken quite a shine to Miss Richmond.

PHRASE : V inflects


rain or shine: see rain

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