Meaning of SHINE in English


I. ˈshīn verb

( shone ˈshōn also ˈshän sometimes ˈshən or ˈshȯn ; or shined ; shone or shined ; shining ; shines )

Etymology: Middle English shinen, from Old English scīnan; akin to Old High German skīnan to shine, Old Norse skīna, Gothic skeinan to shine, Greek skia shadow, skēnē tent, stage, Sanskrit chāyā shadow, reflection, Old Slavic sijati to shine, get bright

intransitive verb

1. : to emit rays of light : give light : beam with steady radiance

the stars shine with a brilliance never seen down in valleys — G.W.Gray b.1886

the points of light were … shining with a greenish luster — Ambrose Bierce

2. : to be bright by reflection of light : gleam , glisten : be glossy

the berries … decorated with sunlight and dew shone like black-purple glass — G.S.Perry

the air was bright and the water shone like dark silk — G.A.Wagner

3. : to be eminent, conspicuous, or distinguished : exhibit brilliant talent or intellectual powers

restrained any inclination to shine or push himself forward — H.R.Warfel

acquiring those graces which would enable him to shine at dinner parties — E.J.Simmons

4. : to have a bright glowing appearance : give the effect of radiance : display or show beauty or splendor

as he talked his eyes began to shine — Sherwood Anderson

his withered face shone with a spiritual power — Liam O'Flaherty

5. : to be conspicuously evident : be clearly apparent

the courage and ability which shine brightly in adversity — A.M.Young

the glory of Greece shines not only in her antiquity — Sir Winston Churchill

human feeling shines through all her books — S.T.Williams

6. archaic : to be sunny : dawn

7. : to cast an auspicious or favoring light

the light which shined to him was the single divine light — V.L.Parrington

— often used with upon

8. : to sparkle or glow with cleanliness

though the furnishings may be modest … her home fairly shines — American Guide Series: Louisiana

transitive verb



(1) : to cause to emit light

(2) : to send forth like light

the hardest thing … for one human being to shine into another human being the glow that burned within himself — Bruce Marshall

b. : to throw or flash the light of

stood there and shined our flashlights on the deck — Richard Bissell

2. : to make bright by polishing

was not going to shine shoes longer than he had to — H.A.Sinclair

shined his brass buttons — Robert Hazel

3. : to throw light into (as the eyes of an animal) while hunting for the purpose of attracting the attention of and getting an opportunity to kill the prey

II. noun

( -s )



(1) : brightness caused by the emission of light : illumination , radiance

the shine of a lantern signaled the approach of a sentry

the windows gleamed gold in the shine of the setting sun

(2) obsolete : a beam of light : nimbus


(1) : a brilliance of quality or appearance : splendor

a magazine with a high literary shine — Norman Cousins

grand opera … that has kept its shine for 200 years — Time

(2) : an ostentatious display : show

celebrate the nuptials with due shine and celebration — Thomas Carlyle


a. : brightness caused by the reflection of light : luster , sheen

on the black shine of boulevard the buses plowed up and down — Bruce Marshall

b. : brightness usually of countenance reflected from an inner quality of spirit

the sort of shine you want … does come from the heart that is gay — Constance Foster

exuding modesty, humility and the shine of honesty — Time

3. : fair weather : sunshine

will go rain or shine


a. : a stupid trick : silly caper : prank — usually used in plural

figured you never would try to pull any shines — R.P.Warren

b. dialect chiefly England : a meeting or gathering that is noisy and disorderly

5. : a sudden fancy : liking

if she takes a shine to you she'll treat you all right — H.A.Sinclair


a. : a polish or gloss given to shoes

b. : a single polishing of a pair of shoes

7. : negro — usually taken to be offensive

8. : moonshine 3

III. adjective

Etymology: alteration (influenced by shine ) (I) of sheen (I)

obsolete : shining

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