Meaning of SOURCE in English


[noun] [C] - the place something comes from or starts at, or the cause of somethinga source of heat/energy/lighta heat/energy/light sourceOranges are a good source of vitamin C.The mine is the source of much of the world's uranium.The journalist refused to disclose/reveal/identify her sources (= to say who had given the information to her).We have it from a good/reliable source that one hostage will soon be freed.According to Government sources (= people in the Government) many MPs are worried about this issue.Students must list/acknowledge their sources (= say which books they have used) at the end of their essays.Where did the writer get her source material from?Experts are trying to trace/track down/locate/find the source of the contamination in the water supply.We walked up the river to its source in the hills.The tradition has its source in an ancient fertility rite.Something or someone can be a source of comfort/pride/disappointment/embarrassment to/for/in someone else.Clara Wieck was a source of inspiration for Schumann.Money is often a source of tension and disagreements in young married couples.The rumour must be stopped at source (= before it starts to spread).(UK and ANZ) Tax is deducted from my income at source (= by my employer).If you are changing something into a different language, the source language is the original language.Compare target language at target (AIM).

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