Meaning of SOURCE in English

/ sɔːs; NAmE sɔːrs/ noun , verb

■ noun


a place, person or thing that you get sth from :

renewable energy sources

Your local library will be a useful source of information.

What is their main source of income?


[ usually pl. ] a person, book or document that provides information, especially for study, a piece of written work or news :

He refused to name his sources.

Government sources indicated yesterday that cuts may have to be made.

source material

Historians use a wide range of primary and secondary sources for their research.


a person or thing that causes sth, especially a problem :

a source of violence

a source of confusion


the place where a river or stream starts :

the source of the Nile


- at source

■ verb

[ vn ] [ often passive ] source sth (from ... ) ( business ) to get sth from a particular place :

We source all the meat sold in our stores from British farms.

—see also outsource



late Middle English : from Old French sours(e) , past participle of sourdre to rise, from Latin surgere .

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