Meaning of SOURCE in English

I. ˈsō(ə)rs, ˈsȯ(ə)rs, ˈsōəs, ˈsȯ(ə)s noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English sours, from Middle French sors, from Old French, past participle of sordre, sourdre to spring forth, rise, from Latin surgere to raise, rise — more at surge


a. : the point of origin of a stream of water : fountainhead

followed it from its source high in the mountains to its calmer reaches — London Calling

b. archaic : a natural spring or reservoir : fount

seven aqueducts brought water from distant sources to Rome — Charles Merivale



(1) : a generative force or stimulus : cause , instigator

reliance on local initiative … has always been a source of strength to American educational institutions — R.H.Wittcoff

in almost all cases, the psychological source of cruel doctrines is fear — Bertrand Russell

hills … are a source of scenic and recreational attraction — American Guide Series: Texas

(2) usually capitalized : ultimate reality : god

felt close to the Source of all that is beautiful and true — Anna Kunz


(1) : a point of origin or procurement : fountain , supplier

brings us back to … the source of all significant artistic and intellectual effort — the struggles, aspirations, joys and sorrows of human beings — Irish Digest

the principal source of the state's road funds was motor-vehicle fees — American Guide Series: Michigan

dried skim milk is a good source of protein for hogs — Deerfield (Wis.) Independent

(2) : one that initiates or serves as a prototype : author , model

the source of this fresh modern outlook is the prime minister — William Clark

documenting … heavily the writer's sources and his rational intentions — A.J.Guérard

(3) : one that supplies information

sources close to the chief executive report he is planning to request the Legislature to approve state purchase — E.M.Mills

c. archaic : genealogical lineage : ancestry

traced his source through the most Gothic gentlemen of Spain — Lord Byron

d. : a point of emanation

it is desirable to have the light source accurately located — Terrell Croft

3. : a firsthand document or primary reference work

extensive work in the sources — official records, manuscripts, letters, diaries, old books, newspapers — W.G.Carleton

Synonyms: see origin

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: originate

III. noun

: an electrode in a field-effect transistor that supplies the charge carriers for current flow — compare drain herein gate herein

IV. verb

transitive verb

1. : to obtain from a source

metals sourced from outside the United States

2. : to specify the source of (as information)

intransitive verb

: to document sources

V. ˈsō(ə)rs, ˈsȯ(ə)rs, ˈsōəs, ˈsȯ(ə)s adjective

Etymology: source (I)

: of, relating to, or being source code

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