Meaning of SOURCE in English

[source] n [ME sours, fr. MF sors, sourse, fr. OF, fr. pp. of sourdre to rise, spring forth, fr. L surgere--more at surge] (14c) 1 a: a generative force: cause b (1): a point of origin or procurement: beginning (2): one that initiates: author; also: prototype, model (3): one that supplies information

2. a: the point of origin of a stream of water: fountainhead b archaic: spring, fount

3: a firsthand document or primary reference work

4: an electrode in a field-effect transistor that supplies the charge carriers for current flow--compare drain, gate syn see origin -- source.less adj

[2]source vt sourced ; (1957) 1: to specify the source of (as quoted material)

2: to obtain from a source "metals sourced from abroad" [3]source adj (1959): of, relating to, or being a computer program in its original programming language "~ listing" "~ code"

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