Meaning of SOURCE in English



a means/source of livelihood

Fishing is the main source of livelihood for many people in the area.

a potential source of sth

A dirty kitchen is a potential source of infection.

a source of amusement

Geoff seemed to find life a source of constant amusement.

a source of anxiety

For many people, the primary source of anxiety is work.

a source of comfort

Some people eat as a source of comfort.

a source of conflict

Lack of money is often a source of conflict between spouses.

a source of delight (= something that gives great pleasure )

It’s a beautiful park and a source of delight to most visitors.

a source of disagreement (= something that causes disagreement )

Sentencing policy is a source of disagreement between judges and the Home Office.

a source of embarrassment (= a cause of embarrassment )

His views on immigration were a constant source of embarrassment to the party.

a source of grievance (= something that causes grievance )

Salaries are a traditional source of grievance in industry.

a source of income

His pension was his only source of income.

a source of information (= someone or something that can provide information )

Newspapers are valuable sources of information.

a source of inspiration for/to sb

Our success was a source of inspiration for many countries in Africa.

a source of pleasure

Her garden was a constant source of pleasure.

a source of power

One problem is their reliance on coal as the main source of power.

a source of pride (= a reason to feel proud )

The Chinese Olympic Games were a source of pride to the whole country.

a source of satisfaction (= something that gives you a feeling of satisfaction )

It is a source of deep satisfaction to him that he was eventually proved to be right.

a source of strength (= person or thing that makes you brave or determined )

Her faith had always been a source of strength for her.

a source of tension

This agreement should remove a major source of tension among America’s allies.

a source/cause of pollution

The factory was a clear source of pollution.

Fumes from cars are a major cause of air pollution.

a source/cause of worry

Her children were a constant source of worry.

a source/form of energy

Coal is more expensive than other sources of energy.

a vital source of sth

The forest was a vital source of timber.

diplomatic sources (= people supplying diplomats with information )

According to diplomatic sources, up to 300 people were killed in the violence.

intelligence operations/sources/reports etc

Intelligence sources denied the reports.

open source

open source software such as Linux

primary source

secondary source

source code

source of friction

His independent attitude was a constant source of friction with his boss.

source of irritation

The heavy traffic is a constant source of irritation .


Fish are a valuable source of protein.

source/area/point of contention

The issue of hunting is a source of contention.

the source of a river (= the place where it starts )

Where exactly is the source of the River Ganges?

the source of an infection

Doctors are trying to locate the source of the infection.




Korda had seen that producers would have to look to television as an alternative source of revenue.

Any and all ideas about alternative sources of energy are seriously being considered and explored.

With construction already under way and with no alternative source of funding, Borowski assumed the entire cost himself.

In the search for alternative sources of good, reasonably priced wine, have a look at Sicily.

However, I found the short section on conservation and alternative energy sources disappointing.

Placed in the middle of a field of alfalfa, foraging bees will fly tremendous distances to find alternative sources of food.

In addition, the food expert would want to know more about the local conditions and the alternative sources of nourishment available.

The hazard of this diet was that patients had to have an alternative source of energy so they turned to fat.


It is extremely difficult to distinguish different literary sources within a document unless some of those sources have actually survived.

That met a lot of opposition from different sources .

Each department takes a different number of outlooks and takes them from different sources .

Moreover, the company would also like to reduce its vulnerability to strikes by getting parts from different sources , experts say.

Only outlines of different sources can be given here.

But a document from an entirely different source hints at an explanation.

Any bacterium that could tap a different source of food would obviously be very successful and eventually some did.

I would like to lose weight and am confused by the dietary advice from different sources .


The most important single source of information about such companies is the annual report and accounts.

Reinvested earnings are a very important source of financing this growth.

It is an important source of the acquiescence upon which the constitution stands.

But potassium itself is one of the most important radioactive heat sources in the planets.

The fruits are an important food source and the seeds remain in the gut for 37 days.

The samplers have become prized not only for their visual delicacy but also as important sources of genealogy and demographics.

Thus firewood is the most important source of energy in desert areas, where vegetation is sparse.

He goes beyond Spencer and Comte although they are important sources for him.


An alternative solution to the mixed light problem is to change the colour of one light source to match the other.

Framed in the airlock, he seemed like his ship to have his own light source , shining white and gold.

Controls include dimmers for the main light sources , designed to cast no shadows, nomatterwhere the surgeon stands.

In addition, some bacteria and all green plants have evolved ways of using light as a source of energy.

Unfortunately it is more difficult to make light sources and light receptors that work at this longer wavelength.

He was making sure they were not exposed to any form of light source , however muted.

This could be light radiating from a light source , or reflected light.

They disappear beneath the shallow waves, no doubt seeing a distorted light source peering at them.


The rewards of motherhood made it her main source of self-esteem and satisfaction.

Controls include dimmers for the main light sources , designed to cast no shadows, nomatterwhere the surgeon stands.

Their main source of income came from doughnuts.

Since far fewer females than males commit crimes, this preoccupation has been one main source of sexism.

The Yahgans used canoes to hunt marine creatures, their main source of food.

The second main source of internal energy is heat from gravitational separation.

To-day, television has a commanding lead among all segments of the population as the main source of news and information.


The relationship between Pauline and Chloe then became a major source of conflict in the marriage.

These products have been a major source of latex irritation for health-care workers.

The major sources of error in the field are as follows: 1 Contamination before sampling.

But as we have seen, failures and mistakes are major sources of vital experience.

Recruitment was a major source of anxiety following Boer War revelations about the high rate of recruits rejected on grounds of ill-health.

Drillholes for oil and other resource exploration are major sources of information for geologists.

Moreover, the major source of under-recording on the balance of payments up to 1949 was invisible trade.

This chapter will deal with the major sources and forms of capital market funds.


These visitors provide a new source of income for the small shopkeepers of the villages.

Scientific wages have already started to respond to what is effectively a new cheap source of very highly skilled labor.

They also got a new source of money, the council tax, to replace Mrs Thatcher's hated poll tax.

Soon entrepreneurs of every stripe thought of ways to put this new power source to work.

Unless a new source can be found, it will close at the end of April.

Businessmen looked for profitable markets and new sources of cheap raw materials; the military looked for overseas bases.

In our case there were two new sources .

Second, these new sources of instability complicate domestic stabilization policy and may make it less effective.


Exports, of course, are not the only source of foreign exchange.

The Bible is for us the primary source of authority but not the only source.

His only source of superiority is that Frye fagged for him at school.

Unfortunately the bed manufacturer had during that time increased the price to £120 each and this was their only source of supply.

Hence, class conflict is viewed as inevitable and indeed as the only major source of conflict in capitalist society.

She was convinced the defector he referred to vaguely was important and Urquhart was her only source of information about him.

Firms producing and selling output are not the only sources of market or monopoly power.

If your only source of income is your basic State pension, you are likely to be entitled to income support.


A flick through the adverts in the magazine will also show other sources of motherboards.

The other likely source for the differences in ratings is that subjects interpreted the normality task differently in the two situations.

In general, they should not go to students who have not explored all other reasonable sources of finance.

He laces his narrative with a great deal of information and conclusions derived from other sources .

This will be augmented by data from other sources notably on income, employment and family building.

The additional services needed therefore have to be financed from some other source .

In the following chapters I will look at different methods of applying other sources of knowledge to constrain the search.


Another possible source of the difference in the two sets of data concerns gender.

People are the only possible source of material for construction of social knowledge.

The principles of measurement and possible sources of error of this technique have been described in detail.

Cornish said the guayule shrub, which has silvery green leaves, has long been viewed as a possible source of latex.

But in considering Mars as a possible source of meteorites we face, once again, the dynamic problems.

In regard to supporting evidence, be sure to use every possible source including personal interviews with authorities in the field.

It is intended that more trains will be run and the season extended in order to increase business revenue from all possible sources .

Heatstroke, surrounded by sea-water nearly at freezing point, and with no possible source of heat present!


Work is only one of a potential range of sources of satisfaction. 8.

These potential sources of emerging infections are diverse and cross the lines of various scientific disciplines and government agency responsibilities.

It is clear that the full range of potential sources of variation which produce the archaeological record should be considered.

Finding the potential source of recruits for the future is not an easy task.

What are the potential sources of R.F.I. and how do you overcome them?

As long as this element of political discretion remains there is a potential source of dispute.

One interesting potential source of energy in the Third World is the water hyacinth and other aquatic weeds.

Non-Farm On-Farm Work Twenty-six percent of the full-time farms had identified and developed potential sources of extra income around the farm.


If we define them simply, primary sources are those written at the time by some one usually connected with the event.

Second, they have always been the primary sources of strength and support in times of trouble.

Once the line between the conventional primary source and the secondary study is crossed, the flood is even worse.

Above all, they did nothing whatsoever to tackle the primary source of peasant rebelliousness: their semi-feudal exploitation.

Official documents account for a large proportion of the primary sources .

Sue Morris of W H Smith homed in on the primary source of the information - the consumer.

The Bible is for us the primary source of authority but not the only source.


But drinkers will get off reasonably lightly, according to reliable Westminster sources .

She will likely have young children at home and no reliable source of day care.

Incidentally I got that information on the third law from a very reliable source .

But what more reliable source of recovery do we have than our own body?

But it came from a reliable source .

But can I count as a reliable source my own childhood memories?

The tip had come from a reliable source .

A reliable source had eluded him, although certain other prospects had yet to be properly investigated.


Allan's experience as a primary school teacher is another rich source of ideas.

Potatoes are a rich source of fat-free complex carbohydrates.

This documentation is itself a rich source of material for evaluation.

I had never realized before what a rich source of endorsement and approval mere weight loss could be.

Tea is a rich source of antioxidants and may form part of a healthy diet.

Frequently overlooked is the rich source of data already available in office files.

Dreams, of course, are a rich source of inspiration and guidance, as well as excellent training in thinking in metaphor.

About 95 percent of the NEAs seem to be rich sources of either volatiles, ferrous metals, or specialty metals.


The distinction between primary and secondary sources will not always be immediately obvious to the pupil.

Agriculture, deforestation and the other secondary sources of greenhouse gases are critical to many.

Questions on data availability are likely to be particularly important where users are heavily dependent on secondary sources .

Scholars and researchers use the library approach when attempting to write articles for publication based on secondary sources .

The effective teacher of history will need to use both primary and secondary sources .

In his failure to take these differences into account, Leibniz fell victim to his reliance on secondary sources .

Active enquiry is a feature of the course which places a heavy emphasis on the use of primary and secondary sources .

Clearly distinguish between primary and secondary sources , and between the different types of history books.


For these reasons it is often difficult in many cases to trace a single primary source .

Non-Being and Being, issuing from a single source , differ only in their name.

Even a single biased source can be useful.

Officials had to disclose any payments over $ 500 if the money came from a single source .

The most important single source of information about such companies is the annual report and accounts.

In addition, plants are the greatest single source of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Gas will become, along with hydro-electricity, the largest single energy source .

We were the biggest single source of electricity in the world.


The community development corporation is legally incorporated and financed from various sources and runs an economic development programme.

Even the casual Beatles fan can enjoy cataloging the various sources for musical phrases in each song.

Compiled from various sources - see text.

The database was created from various sources , including lists of people who gave money to Clinton or the Democrats.

Fig. 2 Percentage of radiation from various sources .

Also, metal from various sources may be melted together to make new castings.

Estimates from various sources , some hostile, range between 1,500 and 2,500.

Those to whom power is delegated may also need help from various sources , beyond their own skills.



But how do they compare with the damage caused by other energy sources ?

Jobs will increase dramatically as new energy sources become marketable.

The production of renewable energy sources should also be promoted through grants, soft loans and fiscal incentives, the report concluded.

The best rule is to conserve energy and to increase funding for research into renewable energy sources .

The seasonal performance might be improved to some extent by using a wind turbine as the energy source .

Both groups favour investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources .

Many congressmen are keen to revive research into renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.


They rely on four food sources , that from garden cultivation, from collecting, from hunting, and from fishing.

These schemes permit efficient recovery of water and oxygen but leave the problem of a food source unanswered.

The food-finder might instead single out one other nest mate, and then lead it alone back to the food source .

A major food source of squirrels and many finches is totally absent this year.

A second explanation is that antibiotic production is rooted in the plant material that is the food source .

They match the recruiting party to the size of the food source .

In winter it's a wildlife haven; even in the harshest weather it affords a rarely failing food source .

When, for instance in Solenopsis, the food source is so large that many ants are needed, mass-acting pheromones are released.


In order to break this down, good information sources are the key.

So information sources can stand in for what we do not automatically know.

In this section we explain why they can, and list some of the information sources you might want to use.

The most obvious example of an information source is a dictionary, which tells you what words mean.

Technologies? Information sources ? - which either went by a different name or was not recognised at that time.

Safeguards for information sources Seeing their own information does not entitle a client to invade some one else's privacy.

Clearly this is useful for tasks which involve extensive scanning of information sources and deliberations about what action to take.

These information sources vary from Web pages to Bulletin Boards and newsgroups.


Reports from secret intelligence sources had indicated that there might be another strike against Royalbion.

According to law-enforcement and intelligence sources , the Pan Am baggage area in Frankfurt was a key to the operation.

But after rumours that MI5 may have been involved, intelligence sources began their own unofficial investigation.

And intelligence sources last night denied early reports that one van had slipped through their dragnet.


It is far more important to examine original source material , and not just the work of historians. 2.

The research involves the use of primary source materials in national and local archives.

A key element will be the researching of source material still held by different constabularies.

All reports should be carefully planned, so you should first examine source material .

At best, his work is defined by what is known to be available as source material .

Unlike structured databases, Viewdata is useful for a great variety of written source materials .

Searches that predominantly involve specific words or phrases known to have been used in the source material .


They were willing to underwrite, inpart, the construction of a ship with rotors as an auxiliary power source .

Rather, it is a power source sufficient for the needs of the propellant factory.

In the mid-1950's nuclear fission had still to be turned into a commercial power source .

But if it comes to a choice, I choose forests as a power source over dams that flood forests.

In favourable conditions, the rotors were very effective power sources indeed: running more than 55o upwind.

Soon entrepreneurs of every stripe thought of ways to put this new power source to work.

Then each Girl put her heels into a small square on the stage floor, connecting up with the power source .

Technologically, capitalism needed an inanimate power source to which large amounts of equipment could be attached.



Senior military commanders have also quietly thrown their support behind Gen Bimantoro, according to political sources .

Brown, according to sources and published reports.

The report of the tribunal working group will not be released until next week, according to tribunal sources .

The most significant tension, according to several sources , came between Wisconsin Gov.

Podesta, according to sources , had seen earlier that the pardon process was heading for trouble.

Four committed suicide in 1938, according to another source .

All three moves were blocked by Fujisaki, according to sources .

About $ 17 million for the Planetarium, according to our sources .


The origin of the Swastika has become a source of speculation for western researchers throughout time.

The low price helped Notimex become the principal news source for many small provincial newspapers.

It could become a regular source of income for you.

The employees most likely to avoid these sessions are also the people most likely to become the source of problems later on.

The relationship between Pauline and Chloe then became a major source of conflict in the marriage.

And the shared struggles of training for a marathon become a source of bonding.

This question can become a major source of friction.

The town brook, now covered over, became a source of energy for saw mills and other trades.


Thus, pressure is increasing to identify sources and modes of transmission, and to segregate colonised from non-colonised patients.

These are taken-for-granted groupings which assume some form of unity within each category without ever clearly identifying the source of this unity.

They also help managers who listen well to identify sources of reluctance.

Essentially it is a matter of identifying the sources of supply and demand.

Journalists, sensing something rotten, have focused on describing the odor rather than identifying the source .

Enterprise might identify new sources of income.

Try to identify the possible sources of your depression and if possible avoid them. 4.


In some instances, these certainly appear to be superior in utility to the literature provided by the sources themselves.

I long ago accepted the reality that the Internet provides an unprecedented source for travel planning.

The mass media provide a further source of material for research.

Tidal ranges are rarely large enough to provide an attractive source of power.

These linkages provided a source of new competitive advantage for the entire corporate system and threatened the foundations of powerful national firms.

For the past 150 years socialism and the social welfare state have provided this source of new ideas.

The oxygen they produce benefits the fish, and they also provide a source of food and shelter.

The activities of the business partners provide other sources of instruction and motivation for students besides those provided by teachers.


All of your sources have to be listed at the end of the paper.

Beans and lentils are a very good source of protein.

In the case of an electric shock, turn the power off at its source .

Most Americans rely on television as their chief source of information.

Our source informed us that there was a possibility of another attack the following week, possibly in the central London area.

The sound came from an unknown source , far away in the distance.

The sun is perhaps the least expensive energy source we have.

The tank's losing water, but we can't find the source of the leak.


Some Christians would say the Gospel is not the source or proof of what happened.

Take action immediately to rectify the problem at source .

The close correlation between the data obtained from these two sources suggests that recall error is unlikely to be a confounding factor.

The money comes from countless sources.

These discouraging factors combine to compel a search for cheaper and environmentally safer energy sources.

This is the largest recorded source of radioactive effluent in the world.

When they visited the Pipers' home they recognized the source of John's description in every detail.

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