Meaning of STRIKE in English


(HIT) [verb] [past:] struck - to hit or attack forcefully or violentlyShe died when her car went out of control and struck an oncoming vehicle. [T]The leading yacht was forced to abandon the race after it struck an iceberg. [T]The police have warned the public that the killer is highly dangerous and could strike again. [I]The autopsy revealed that his murderer had struck him on the head with an iron bar. [T]The murder victim had been struck repeatedly about the head with a blunt instrument. [T]Have you ever been struck by lightning? [T]It's a myth that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. [I]The president intends to introduce the death penalty for terrorists who strike at civilians. [I]We were only teasing her about her spots when she suddenly struck out in all directions (= started hitting people uncontrollably). [I]The objective in a game of croquet is to strike your ball through a set of hoops in a particular order before finally hitting the central peg. [T]The two foreign ministers have agreed to remove missiles that can strike at targets in each other's countries. [I]When a clock strikes, its bells ring to show what the time is.The clock was striking ten as we went into the church. [T]Is it 10.30 already? I never heard the clock strike. [I]When a time strikes, a clock's bells ring to show what time it is.Midnight had just struck when I went upstairs to bed.If you strike a blow against or at something, you harm it severely.Her resignation has struck a blow against the company's plans for expansion.If you strike a blow for something, you do something which supports it.The judge's ruling that she was unfairly dismissed has struck a blow for racial equality.The council's decision not to build the road has struck a blow for common sense.When people strike camp, they take down their tents in preparation for leaving the place where they have been staying.We woke up late and it was ten o'clock before we struck camp.If someone is struck down, they die suddenly or start to suffer from a serious illness.It's a tragedy that these young people were struck down in their prime.He was struck down by polio when he was a teenager.If you are struck dumb by something, it surprises you so much that you cannot say anything.We were struck dumb when she announced she was pregnant.If something strikes fear or terror into you, it makes you extremely frightened.The brutal military regime has struck terror into the whole population.Even the mere mention of his name would strike fear into his enemies.If you strike at the heart of something, you damage it severely by attacking the most important part of it.Victory depends on our being able to strike at the heart of the enemy's military command.The increase in income tax strikes at the heart of the government's declared intention to reduce taxation.If something strikes home, it hits the intended place or has the intended effect.The laser guidance system dramatically increases the likelihood that the missile will strike home.The government's message about the dangers of smoking seems to have struck home.If you strike while the iron is hot, you take advantage of an opportunity as soon as it exists, in case the opportunity goes away and does not return."I can't decide whether or not to take the job." "You should strike while the iron is hot - you may not get another chance as good as this one."If you strike a match, you cause it to burn by rubbing it against a hard rough surface.She struck a match and lit another cigarette.He lent down and struck a match on the sole of his boot.If a place is within striking distance, it is near.We live within striking distance of both Baltimore and Washington.If something is within striking distance, you are very near to obtaining or achieving it.Both sides believe they are within striking distance of a lasting peace agreement.His victory in the Brazilian Grand Prix puts him within striking distance of the world championship.

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