Meaning of STRIKE in English


I. ˈstrīk verb

( struck ˈstrək ; struck also strick·en ˈstri-kən ; strik·ing ˈstrī-kiŋ)

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English strīcan to stroke, go; akin to Old High German strīhhan to stroke, Latin stringere to touch lightly, striga, stria furrow

Date: before 12th century

intransitive verb

1. : to take a course : go

struck off through the brush


a. : to aim and usually deliver a blow, stroke, or thrust (as with the hand, a weapon, or a tool)

b. : to arrive with detrimental effect

disaster struck

c. : to attempt to undermine or harm something as if by a blow

struck at…cherished notions — R. P. Warren

3. : to come into contact forcefully

two ships struck in mid channel

4. : to delete something

5. : to lower a flag usually in surrender


a. : to become indicated by a clock, bell, or chime

the hour had just struck

b. : to make known the time by sounding

the clock struck as they entered

7. : pierce , penetrate

the wind seemed to strike through our clothes


a. : to engage in battle

b. : to make a military attack

9. : to become ignited

the match struck

10. : to discover something

struck on a new plan of attack


a. : to pull on a fishing rod in order to set the hook

b. of a fish : to seize the bait

12. : dart , shoot


a. of a plant cutting : to take root

b. of a seed : germinate

14. : to make an impression

15. : to stop work in order to force an employer to comply with demands

16. : to make a beginning

the need to strike vigorously for success

17. : to thrust oneself forward

he struck into the midst of the argument

18. : to work diligently : strive

transitive verb


a. : to strike at : hit

b. : to drive or remove by or as if by a blow

c. : to attack or seize with a sharp blow (as of fangs or claws)

struck by a snake

d. : inflict

strike a blow

e. : to produce by or as if by a blow or stroke

Moses struck water from the rock

f. : to separate by a sharp blow

strike off flints


a. : to haul down : lower

strike the sails

b. : to dismantle and take away

strike the set

c. : to strike the tents of (a camp)

3. : to afflict suddenly

stricken by a heart attack


a. : to engage in (a battle) : fight

b. : to make a military attack on

5. : delete , cancel

strike the last paragraph


a. : to penetrate painfully : pierce

b. : to cause to penetrate

strike the needle

c. : to send down or out

trees struck roots deep into the soil


a. : to level (as a measure of grain) by scraping off what is above the rim

b. : to smooth or form (as a mold) with a tool

8. : to indicate by sounding

the clock struck one



(1) : to bring into forceful contact

struck his head on the doorjamb

(2) : to shake (hands) in confirming an agreement

(3) : to thrust suddenly

b. : to come into contact or collision with

the car struck the tree

c. of light : to fall on

d. of a sound : to become audible to


a. : to affect with a mental or emotional state or a strong emotion

struck with horror at the sight

b. : to affect a person with (a strong emotion)

words that struck fear in the listeners

c. : to cause to become by or as if by a sudden blow

struck him dead


a. : to produce by stamping

strike a coin


(1) : to produce (as fire) by or as if by striking

(2) : to cause to ignite by friction

strike a match

12. : to make and ratify the terms of

strike a bargain


a. : to play or produce by stroking keys or strings

struck a series of chords on the piano

b. : to produce as if by playing an instrument

his voice struck a note of concern


a. : to hook (a fish) by a sharp pull on the line

b. of a fish : to snatch at (a bait)


a. : to occur to

the answer struck me suddenly

b. : to appear to especially as a revelation or as remarkable : impress

it struck the crowd as insensitive

16. : bewitch

17. : to arrive at by or as if by computation

strike a balance


a. : to come to : attain

b. : to come upon : discover

strike gold

19. : to engage in a strike against (an employer)

20. : take on , assume

strike a pose


a. : to place (a plant cutting) in a medium for growth and rooting

b. : to so propagate (a plant)

22. : to make one's way along

will strike the southern coast

23. : to cause (an arc) to form (as between electrodes of an arc lamp)

24. of an insect : to oviposit on or in

Synonyms: see affect

- strike it rich

II. noun

Date: 15th century

1. : a tool for smoothing a surface (as of a mold)

2. : an act or instance of striking


a. : a work stoppage by a body of workers to enforce compliance with demands made on an employer

b. : a temporary stoppage of activities in protest against an act or condition

4. : the direction of the line of intersection of a horizontal plane with an uptilted geological stratum


a. : a pull on a fishing rod to strike a fish

b. : a pull on a line by a fish in striking

6. : a stroke of good luck ; especially : a discovery of a valuable mineral deposit


a. : a pitched ball that is in the strike zone or is swung at and is not hit fair

b. : a perfectly thrown ball or pass

8. : disadvantage , handicap

9. : an act or instance of knocking down all the bowling pins with the first bowl

10. : establishment of roots and plant growth

11. : cutaneous myiasis (as of sheep)


a. : a military attack ; especially : an air attack on a single objective

b. : a group of airplanes taking part in such an attack

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.