Meaning of TRANSFER in English

[noun]Transfer might refer to the process of moving from one place, position, etc. to another.Black's transfer to an Italian football club came as a shock to Coventry supporters. [C]The official transfer of ownership will take a few days to complete. [U]New technology will speed up the transfer of information. [U]A transfer can also be a person or thing that has moved.They've a new transfer from Tottenham playing for them.(US) A transfer is also a ticket which allows a passenger to change routes or to change from one bus or train to another.(UK) A transfer fee is the amount of money a sports team pays in order to buy a new player from another team.The transfer fee for Brinkworth was £500 000.(UK) The club's top goalkeeper is on the transfer list (= they are offering to sell him to another team).(UK) McLoughlin, Southampton's latest buy from Swindon last December, has been transfer-listed (= offered for sale) at his own request.

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