Meaning of TRANSFER in English

The verb is pronounced /trænsfɜ:(r)/. The noun is pronounced /trænsfɜ:(r)/.

( transferred)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


If you transfer something or someone from one place to another, or they transfer from one place to another, they go from the first place to the second.

Remove the wafers with a spoon and transfer them to a plate...

The person can transfer from wheelchair to seat with relative ease.

VERB : V n from/to n , V from/to n

Transfer is also a noun.

Arrange for the transfer of medical records to your new doctor...

N-VAR : oft N of n


If something is transferred , or transfers , from one person or group of people to another, the second person or group gets it instead of the first.

I realized she’d transferred all her love from me to you...

On 1 December the presidency of the Security Council automatically transfers from the US to Yemen.

VERB : V n from/to n , V from/to n

Transfer is also a noun.

...the transfer of power from the old to the new regimes.

N-VAR : usu N of n


Technology transfer is the process or act by which a country or organization which has developed new technology enables another country or organization to use the technology.

The Philippines needs capital and technology transfer...

N-VAR : supp N , N of n


In professional sports, if a player transfers or is transferred from one club to another, they leave one club and begin playing for another. ( BRIT )

...Nick Barmby who transferred from Spurs to Middlesbrough...

He was transferred from Crystal Palace to Arsenal for £2.5 million.

VERB : V from/to n , be V-ed from/to n , also V n from/to n

Transfer is also a noun. ( in AM, use trade )

...Gascoigne’s transfer to the Italian club, Lazio.



If you are transferred , or if you transfer , to a different job or place, you move to a different job or start working in a different place.

I was transferred to the book department...

I suspect that she is going to be transferred...

Anton was able to transfer from Lavine’s to an American company.

VERB : be V-ed from/to n , be V-ed , V from/to n , also V n , V n from/to n

Transfer is also a noun.

They will be offered transfers to other locations.

N-VAR : oft N to n


When information is transferred onto a different medium, it is copied from one medium to another.

Such information is easily transferred onto microfilm. to create film-quality computer effects and then transfer them to film.

VERB : be V-ed onto/to n , V n onto/to n

Transfer is also a noun.

It can be connected to a PC for the transfer of information. transfer.

N-UNCOUNT : usu with supp , N of n , n N


When property or land is transferred , it stops being owned by one person or institution and becomes owned by another. ( LEGAL )

He has already transferred ownership of most of the works to a British foundation...

Certain kinds of property are transferred automatically at death.

VERB : V n from/to n , be V-ed , also V n

Transfer is also a noun. outright transfer of property.

N-VAR : oft N of n


If you transfer or are transferred when you are on a journey, you change from one vehicle to another.

He likes to transfer from the bus to the Blue Line at 103rd Street in Watts...

1,654 passengers were transferred at sea to a Norwegian cruise ship.

VERB : V from/to n , be V-ed from/to n


Transfers are pieces of paper with a design on one side. The design can be transferred by heat or pressure onto material, paper, or china for decoration. letter transfers.


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