Meaning of TRANSFER in English

— transferable, transferrable , adj. — transferability , n. — transferrer , n.

v. /trans ferr", trans"feuhr/ ; n. , adj. /trans"feuhr/ , v. , transferred, transferring , n. , adj.


1. to convey or remove from one place, person, etc., to another: He transferred the package from one hand to the other.

2. to cause to pass from one person to another, as thought, qualities, or power; transmit.

3. Law. to make over the possession or control of: to transfer a title to land.

4. to imprint, impress, or otherwise convey (a drawing, design, pattern, etc.) from one surface to another.


5. to remove oneself from one place to another: to transfer from the New York office to London.

6. to withdraw from one school, college, or the like, and enter another: I transferred from Rutgers to Tulane.

7. to be moved from one place to another: to transfer to overseas duty.

8. to change by means of a transfer from one bus, train, or the like, to another.


9. a means or system of transferring.

10. an act of transferring.

11. the fact of being transferred.

12. a point or place for transferring.

13. a ticket entitling a passenger to continue a journey on another bus, train, or the like.

14. a drawing, design, pattern, or the like, that is or may be transferred from one surface to another, usually by direct contact.

15. a person who changes or is changed from one college, military unit, business department, etc., to another.

16. Law. a conveyance, by sale, gift, or otherwise, of real or personal property, to another.

17. Finance. the act of having the ownership of a stock or registered bond transferred.

18. Also called transfer of training . Psychol. the positive or negative influence of prior learning on subsequent learning. Cf. generalization (def. 4).

19. Also called language transfer . Ling. the application of native-language rules in attempted performance in a second language, in some cases resulting in deviations from target-language norms and in other cases facilitating second-language acquisition.


20. of, pertaining to, or involving transfer payments.

[ 1350-1400; ME transferren (v.) transferre, equiv. to trans- TRANS- + ferre to BEAR 1 , carry ]

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .