Meaning of TRANSFER in English

I. R tranzˈfər, traan-, -n(t)ˈsf-, ˈ ̷ ̷(ˌ) ̷ ̷, + vowel -fər.; - R -fə̄, + suffixal vowel -fər. also -fə̄r, + vowel in a following word -fər. or -fə̄ also -fə̄r verb

( transferred ; transferred ; transferring ; transfers )

Etymology: Middle English transferren, from Latin transferre, from trans- + ferre to carry, bear — more at bear

transitive verb


a. : to carry or take from one person or place to another : transport , remove

from underneath the litter he drew a packet … and transferred it deftly to the blue suit — D.M.Davin

travelers were transferred to sloops to complete the journey — American Guide Series: New Jersey

an effort was made to transfer a good share of the appointments from the president to congressmen — W.C.Ford

b. : to move or send to a different location especially for business, vocational, or military purposes

transferred her law practice to Greenville — Current Biography

the company plans to transfer him to its west coast plant

was commandant at Fort Pitt … and in the latter year was transferred to the remote frontier — C.F.Cochran

c. : to cause to pass from one person or thing to another : transmit

motion would be transferred from two cogged wheels to the big wheel through an endless chain — John Kobler

no way in which he could transfer his own memories of European civilization into the Indian mind — Willa Cather

d. : to cause to transform : change — usually used with into

had transferred barren wastes … into fertile fields — Albert Hyma

may upon occasion transfer himself into a tiger — Fay-Cooper Cole

2. : to make over or negotiate the possession or control of (a right, title, or property) by a legal process usually for a consideration : convey

to preserve the farm intact he transfers it to one heir

transferred a part of their holdings … for $25,000 worth of stock — Marquis James

3. : to print, impress, or otherwise copy (as a drawing or engraved design) from one surface to another

intransitive verb

1. : to go or move to a different place or region to carry on a business or vocation

transferred from the bookshop to the concert agency and was … placed in charge of that division — Current Biography

the company is transferring to an eastern location

will transfer to the armored division as soon as his papers can be cleared

specifically : to withdraw from one educational institution to enroll at another

students can transfer to other leading colleges … without loss of credits — Ruth Wilson

2. : to change from one vehicle or transportation line to another

took the streetcar and transferred to the bus — Robert Hazel

Synonyms: see move

II. ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive


a. : the conveyance of right, title, or interest in either real or personal property from one person to another by sale, gift, or other process

b. : the removal or acquisition of property by mere delivery with intent of the parties involved to transfer the title

c. : an order transferring shares of stock or money ; specifically : a telegraphic order to pay to one party money deposited by another at a distant office

2. : an act, process, or instance of transferring : transference

proposal for … a transfer of populations on a voluntary basis — Current History

finds occasion for the transfer of his loyalty to a new cause

3. : one that is transferred: as

a. : a picture produced by affixing to a support an image originally developed on a separate temporary support — compare bromoil transfer , carbon transfer

b. : a drawing or writing printed in reverse from one surface on another ; specifically : a reverse pattern (as for embroidery or a trademark) waxed or inked on tissue paper for printing on a textile material with the heat and pressure of an iron


(1) : a drawing in lithographic crayon made or printed on paper and then impressed on stone or other material from which it is to be printed by lithography

(2) : a specially prepared sheet of lithographic paper containing a design to be transferred from the original stone to a stone or metal printing surface

d. : transfer picture

e. : an individual shifted from one military unit to another

orders the sergeant to check in the new transfers

f. : a student that changes from one school to another

a limited number of transfers can be accepted by the college

4. : the distance a ship gains to the right or left from the time the helm is put over until it is on its new course — compare advance 8


a. : a place where cars or trains are transferred to boats or ferries for water transportation ; also : a boat or ferry used for this purpose

b. : transfer house

c. : a point where a change is made from one form of power to another (as from electricity to steam)


(1) : a turnout connecting two tracks at a crossing with switches outside the end frogs of the crossing

(2) : a track connecting roads that cross on separated grades


(1) : transfer company

(2) : a vehicle of such a company

f. : a ticket given with or without extra charge to a passenger on a public conveyance entitling him to continue his journey on another route or conveyance


a. : transference 2

b. : the carry-over or generalization of learned responses from one type of situation to another ; specifically : the application in one field of study or effort of knowledge, skill, power, or ability acquired in another

there will be a certain degree of transfer from one skill to another if we direct our teaching to this end — Eliezer Reiger

could not easily make the transfer from book to life — H.A.Overstreet

7. : the moving of knitted stitches from one machine (as a ribber) to another

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