Meaning of TRANSFER in English

[trans.fer] vb trans.ferred ; trans.fer.ring [ME transferren, fr. L transferre, fr. trans- + ferre to carry--more at bear] vt (14c) 1 a: to convey from one person, place, or situation to another: transport b: to cause to pass from one to another: transmit c: transform, change

2: to make over the possession or control of: convey

3: to print or otherwise copy from one surface to another by contact ~ vi 1: to move to a different place, region, or situation; esp: to withdraw from one educational institution to enroll at another

2: to change from one vehicle or transportation line to another -- trans.fer.abil.i.ty n -- also trans.fer.ra.ble adj -- n -- trans.fer.rer n

[2]trans.fer n (1674) 1 a: conveyance of right, title, or interest in real or personal property from one person to another b: removal or acquisition of property by mere delivery with intent to transfer title

2. a: an act, process, or instance of transferring: transference

2. b: the carryover or generalization of learned responses from one type of situation to another

3: one that transfers or is transferred; esp: a graphic image transferred by contact from one surface to another

4: a place where a transfer is made (as of trains to ferries or as where one form of power is changed to another)

5: a ticket entitling a passenger on a public conveyance to continue the trip on another route

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