Meaning of TRANSFER in English

I. verb


electronic funds transfer

switch/transfer allegiance (= start to support a different person, group etc )

transfer a call (= connect one to another person’s phone )

The call was transferred to his secretary.

transfer a file (= move it from one computer system to another )

You can transfer files and share your stuff with friends.

transfer fee

transfer list




The money was then transferred to three personal accounts in the names of Weizman, his wife and his daughter.

The bank also said it will transfer customer trust accounts held at its overseas branches to local banks.

If the solicitor takes advantage of the option then the office monies must be transferred to the office account within seven days.

Like many of its competitors, Halifax already offers a switching service intended to speed the transferring of accounts .

In 1922 the newly opened Redemption Fund was transferred to the Revenue Account to offset losses.

When he closed the account , he transferred this to another account and used it to pay chambers' expenses.

If we agree your application, we will ask you to transfer your Current Account to Midland.


If Henry failed to abide by these terms his barons were to transfer their allegiance to Philip and Richard.


You can not transfer your assets to a spouse in order to protect them from the creditors.

Expenditure is then either written off or transferred to tangible fixed assets .


In these circumstances, the majority of staff employed by the Council will transfer to the successor authorities .

Faircloth was the leading proponent of transferring authority away from Barry and to the control board.

The social security funds spent upon residential care were to be transferred to the local authorities . 3.

Their functions were transferred partly to lower-tier authorities , partly to new single-purpose joint authorities and inpart to the Secretary of State.


For example, a warrant will usually not be a liability as it does not contain an obligation to transfer economic benefits .

If a capital instrument contains an obligation to transfer economic benefits the entire instrument should be accounted for as a liability.

However, the obligation to pay interest is an obligation to transfer economic benefits and hence the instrument is a liability.

Capital instruments which do not contain an obligation to transfer economic benefits should be reported within shareholders' funds.


Two years before the final fall of the Shah, he had begun transferring his wealth and business interests to Paris.

He purchased Western Union through a bankruptcycourt reorganization, selling off its well-known money-transfer business .

The purchaser may also wish to ensure that the vendor's important employees will be transferred with the business .

Not long afterwards, I shut down my account and transferred the business to another hitherto dormant account.


Otherwise, the towns were transferred in many cases from imperial to papal overlordship.

Note that there is no power to transfer cases from the magistrates' court direct to the High Court.


In 1857 its functions were transferred to the Court of Probate.

Juveniles 15 and older committing rape or forcible assault are named prominently in offenses automatically transferred to adult court .

If an action is begun in the wrong court , that court may transfer it to the court with appropriate jurisdiction.


An online radio station can only work with as much data as it can transfer live across your connection.

The data transferred may be plain text, hypertext, images, or anything else.

It allows graphics, text and data to be freely transferred from one application to another with complete compatibility.

All of these data are transferred into the computer data base so that trends may be quickly noted and responded to.

But with digital instruments and digital storage, the data could be transferred through phone lines from the source to the computer.


As an alternative you can also transfer funds directly from your FlexiLoan to your Current Account whenever you want.

The Contract also aims to dismantle the Department of Education and transfer its funds to families and local school boards.

Please close the High Interest Business Account and transfer the funds to the current account.


They've been transferred from Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon, where hospital managers have been forced to close three operating theatres.

After his arrest Davis was transferred to Napa State Hospital .

After a couple of days in hospital outside he was transferred to the prison hospital.

Both victims were transferred to Highland Hospital , where they were pronounced dead.

On September 1st, 300 patients were transferred from London hospitals to St. Peter's on one day.

It had been necessary to transfer her to hospital , the home being equipped only for residents able to look after themselves.

After a few weeks, he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital , where he received physiotherapy treatment.

About 150 patients, the remainder inhabiting Banstead, would be transferred to community hospitals and hostels in London.


It is then your task as the seller's conveyancer to transfer the information from the questionnaire to the information form.

Communications services transfer the information from the originator to the recipient.

Where calls are transferred , database information is also passed on.

Analyses the range of information sources, their language, their audiences and the mechanisms used to transfer information.


The crew could then transfer to the command module for the return to Earth.

The solution was to transfer to the lunar module and live in that for the remainder of the flight.


The Housing Executive stood its ground and refused to transfer money earmarked for other projects.

The focus of the so-called reform is to decentralize social safety net programs, transferring money and jurisdiction to the 50 states.

If there is money in court, the county court should transfer the money to the High Court.

So far, security scares have involved some customers viewing some one else's account details, not transferring money .

They're currently unable to transfer their money to another fund or take early retirement.

His parents sign to transfer their money over.

When confronted, Mr Samuels had agreed to close the account and transfer the money into the chambers' bank account.

What is the best method of transferring the money to that author and cutting out the profiteers in this country?


The whole purpose of the transaction is to transfer ownership in the car.


In this regard, the privatization strategy was criticized as merely transferring monopoly power from the public to the private sector.

They also achieve another prime objective of Conservative Governments, which is to transfer power from the state to the people.

The answer to bad elected public officials is not transferring their powers to unelected public officials or appointed committees.

Internal spring contacts in the detector transfer the power .

Gorbachev undermined the position of the Politburo when he transferred executive power to the presidency, advised by the presidential councils.


Some members of the ruling class have transferred property to relatives and friends to avoid death duties.

On the facts of Lawrence the accused's conviction for theft was upheld even though the victim intended to transfer property .

Minimum advance is £20,000 and the loan can be transferred to a new property without penalty.

The transfer purported to transfer the property in consideration of the payment of the sum of £24,500.


Lord Bullock further suggests that he may even have been reluctant to transfer this particular responsibility to the United States.

The innovation of transferring responsibility to an indigenous anti-Communist corps had been started too late.

Managers are frequently willing to transfer responsibility for performing certain tasks, particularly under supervision.


Now that punchcards exist it is quicker and less troublesome to let your lace carriage transfer the stitch for you.

Again cast on in full needle rib then transfer the stitches according to the diagram.

After knitting the welt, transfer all the stitches to the main bed.

The lace carriage is going to transfer the selected stitches and the main carriage is going to knit them.

Crossing chunky needles to transfer stitches just isn't possible.

If you try to move the carriage too lightly or too quickly you might not transfer the stitches firmly enough.

As before this simply tells you in which direction to move the lace carriage to transfer the selected stitches .


Three of them had serious face and hand burns and were transferred to the burns unit of Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The care provided by the Beacon was to transfer to special units in the remaining children's day centres.

Economic decision-making and private ownership would then be transferred to production units .

He was later transferred to the burns unit at Whiston Hospital, Merseyside.

Later that evening she went into labour and was transferred to the maternity unit .

Whilst that order was in operation he was transferred to the secure unit near Bristol.


Transfer the mixture to a heavy cooking pan and add all remaining ingredients.

Could I transfer $500 from my savings to my checking account?

Davidson transferred to another department last October.

Fed up with the disastrous performances of the team he'd been watching for years, he transferred his support to their rivals.

Harding has been transferred to Albany prison, where he will complete his sentence.

I must have lost my luggage when we transferred.

I need to transfer some money from my savings account to my checking account.

Ideas that work in one school often don't transfer well to another.

If you take the bus, you'll have to transfer twice.

In 1923 the ownership of the forest was transferred to a rich Dutch family.

One option would be to transfer Struthers from London to New York.

The assets were transferred into his wife's name.

The design is transferred to the loom and woven into the carpet.

The generals are transferring their allegiance to their new leader.

The military government is refusing to transfer power to a democratically elected civilian government.

The train broke down so we transferred to a bus.


Gently jog forwards and backwards, transferring your weight from one leg to the other.

Katya braced herself and transferred her being over the fibre-optic cable.

Like all the tunnelling company commanders, he was a regular engineer who had been transferred.

Or a trade may be used not to do new business, but to transfer a credit balance between accounts.

Sometimes the contract provides that ownership will be transferred at some later date.

The fly transferred itself from Marian's hand to Allen's forehead but it did not disturb him and he slept.

These are transferred to Division B, which assembles the finished product and sells it to the public.

II. noun




After this date, and until 18 March 1986, a form of death duty called capital transfer tax applied.

In the 1983 budget, gifts to charities were exempted from capital transfer tax.

While it survived, it served a useful function in obtaining agreement on some economic questions such as currency convertibility and capital transfers .

And are death duties or capital transfer tax relevant?

An inheritance tax has replaced the capital transfer tax.

In 1974 the Labour government introduced capital transfer tax which taxed certain gifts given by people who were alive.

In 1981 the Conservative government abolished capital transfer tax and replaced it with inheritance tax.


Finally, payment can be made by mail transfer , telegraphic or electronic transfer.

Telegraphic transfer is similar except the instructions are sent by cable, phone, telex or electronic transfer.

In advanced economies the cheque and associated electronic transfer techniques have become the chief means of payment in the business world.

And the missing cash would distract their attention from the big electronic transfers .


Cowans on a free transfer back to Villa.

Full-back Irwin left on a free transfer to Oldham - who sold him on to Manchester United for £750,000.

Middlesbrough striker Bernie Slaven yesterday joined second division promotion-chasers Port Vale on a 15-month contract after being given a free transfer .

There is then a solvent free transfer of the analyte to the chromatographic system.

The three governments have agreed that the missile projects will include the free transfer of all appropriate technology amongst the participating companies.

Pardew - a free transfer from Crystal Palace last season - stooped low to nod the ball over the line.


We produced four live, cloned lambs by nuclear transfer .

Instead, he had simply made new embryos by nuclear transfer .

They announced the birth and subsequent good health of three cloned mice, created by nuclear transfer .

The outcome of nuclear transfer can vary a great deal, depending on which of these courses is followed.

There seems to be no a priori reason why nuclear transfer should work.

Conceptually, of course, cloning by embryo splitting is much simpler than cloning by nuclear transfer .

Others did take up Spemann's challenge, and truly began the age of nuclear transfer that he and Loeb had presaged.

Thus they achieved nuclear transfer without ever penetrating karyoplast or cytoplast at all.



We therefore, decided to look at credit transfer between our Higher National courses.

Any reference to payment of rent by banker's order or credit transfer should be vigorously contested.

So again, credit transfer would allow this student to gain the higher award on the completion of six more credits.

Discussions are taking place to establish a credit transfer agreement.

In credit transfer , the previous experience is always attested by an award or certificate from an awarding body.


In that event the players' registrations would be taken over by the League and transfer fees payable to Lytham.

Pearce's request for new terms could have been sparked by transfer fees and wages rocketing in the last 12 months.

Oldham have also cut the transfer fees on three players.

If that happens, multi-million pound transfer fees will instead go to players in the form of higher salaries.

An upper limit was then set on transfer fees .

Meanwhile, Swindon celebrated promotion to the Premier League today by breaking their own club record transfer fee .

Cash Flow: Club expenses include wages, transfer fees and ground rent.


There are no extra charges for messages or file transfers .

FastLynx takes the bind out of file transfer .

Network programs that involve remote file transfer are especially susceptible to eavesdroppers gaining access to the contents of files.

For more on file transfer , see p.149.

The facilities for e-mail, file transfers and newsgroup messages are the equal of most Internet software packages on the market.

The first is pure and simple file transfer .

Everything from business applications to games are available by firing up a World Wide Web browser or file transfer program online.


Suppose that an input signal with Fourier transform is applied to a four-terminal network for which the transfer function is.

A number of transfer functions are commonly used.

Suppose now that s is replaced by in the transfer function .

Transter Functions: The threshold, or transfer function , is generally nonlinear.

For simplicity, we have also omitted the transfer function and its first derivative in order to amplify the weight change process.

Momentum's filter design product performs well; characteristic plot of a filter transfer function .

And a scheduling function will be needed to determine how often a processing element should apply its transfer function.


Whether or not motion occurs is most precisely determined experimentally by its effect on the heat transfer .

The heat transfer can occur without a corresponding diffusion of salt because of the lower diffusivity of the latter.

Daylighting; Heat transfer in buildings.

This greater accuracy will allow the heat transfer between the oceans and the atmosphere to be better computed.

The microwaves agitate water molecules in the food to increase the efficiency of heat transfer into the food from the air curtain.

Ideally, you will have a degree in engineering or science with a working knowledge of heat transfer mechanisms.


Castleford have placed their winger Chris Chapman on the transfer list at £45,000.

Although Vinny Samways has now come off the transfer list , Spurs look light in the key area.

Whyte is on the transfer list .

The 28-year-old has been placed on the transfer list with a price tag of $ 10m.

And the vast majority of the Roker reserve squad tonight are either on the transfer list or have requested to leave.

Manager Kevin Keegan revealed last night that the experienced pair will go on the transfer list on Monday.

Roberts, on the transfer list at his own request, cost United £15,000 from Darlington last year.


Read in studio Football ... Our two Central South first division sides have been in the transfer market today.

He has already triggered a steep rise in transfer market prices by proving such a bargain at £2.5 million.

The club are prepared to back Lawrence in the transfer market and chairman Colin Henderson has promised £2m for team-strengthening.

Club financial director Ken Gardiner said the payment was a reward for Redknapp's dealings in the transfer market .

Manager Malcolm Crosby wants to drastically trim the Roker wage bill before launching into the transfer market .

And that clearly is restricting Crosby's hand in the transfer market .

And with a question mark against his judgment in the transfer market .

Hoddle's been in the transfer market to make up for Shearer's loss.


The less well off do receive transfer payments and the rich face the highest rates of income tax.

So maybe we can have voluntary transfer payments from rich to poor.

Government need tax revenue to pay for public goods and to make transfer payments to the poor.

The structure of taxes and transfer payments can have a significant impact upon the distribution of income.

Many of these changes have been directly related to progressive taxation, transfer payments and high levels of employment.

This distinction between government purchases and transfer payments is relevant for our discussion of the growth of government.

The second row of Table 16-1 shows that government spending on transfer payments has also risen faster than national income.

One can argue that transfer payments involve a lesser degree of government intervention in the economy than do government purchases.


Look at Figure 3 again; the transfer price could be one that is set equal to the market price.

Indeed, as a general problem, it is unlikely that two divisions will arrive amicably at a suitable transfer price .

Multi-nationals can use their market power to fiddle transfer prices .

If the divisions trade with each other transfer prices will have to be agreed.

In particular, transfer prices will affect the following: Divisional profits and motivation.

In practice, it will probably try to get away with transfer prices that let it shift profits into low-tax countries.

As goods are passed up to a division, the transfer price may include elements to cover profit and fixed costs.

This article has looked at how a theoretical transfer price can be calculated in a simple situation.


A progressively tax and transfer system takes most from the rich and give most to the poor.

Simply put, the current transfer system is backwards and the solution is simple: reverse it.

Nicholas Doig with the Schering Packman closed transfer system fitted to the farm's 2,500-litre trailed sprayer.

The abolition of the transfer system is inevitable.

Bichard said a new automatic computer transfer system would soon be introduced.

Are there significant differences in transfer systems which encourage work and income support to be combined?

Taken as a whole, the tax and transfer system takes money from the rich and gives to the poor.

Flackware's Zmodem is simply the best implementation we have seen of this powerful file transfer system .


After this date, and until 18 March 1986, a form of death duty called capital transfer tax applied.

In the 1983 budget, gifts to charities were exempted from capital transfer tax .

This legislation exempts international trading companies from withholding, income, capital gains and share transfer taxes .

And are death duties or capital transfer tax relevant?

An inheritance tax has replaced the capital transfer tax.

In 1974 the Labour government introduced capital transfer tax which taxed certain gifts given by people who were alive.

In 1981 the Conservative government abolished capital transfer tax and replaced it with inheritance tax.


However, experience has shown that technology transfer is best achieved within a real business environment.

What is needed is a balanced measure incorporating the human, economic and technical aspects of the technology transfer process.

The most successful forms of technology transfer involve a complex blend of both vertical and horizontal integration.

In terms of technology transfer , handpumps are used at the rural level directly by intended beneficiaries.

Philip Hanson's empirical work on international technology transfer laid bare the limitations of borrowing as a survival strategy.

Once a stable civil society emerges, technology transfer is more likely to generate economic progress, Wilson argues.

There is a large literature on technology transfer , though not much of it is from the perspective of the developing countries.

Founded in 1989, the company was the first to be set up by the University's technology transfer unit.



The joint between steps is rebated to allow the transfer of these horizontal forces as well as the more normal vertical forces.

This allows the transfer of messages through store-and-forward methods.

Scanning technology would enhance their capability even further, allowing transfer of physical pictures.

The resulting irritation causes scratching which allows transfer of eggs to the fingers and fingernails.

Real wages were pulled up and older machines rendered unprofitable, allowing a faster transfer of workers to the new machines.

Categories of expenditure should be sufficiently flexible to allow transfer of funds if increase in one category would lead to overall savings.

This greater accuracy will allow the heat transfer between the oceans and the atmosphere to be better computed.


a job transfer

Most of the bills are paid by electronic transfer .

The transfer of power was effected swiftly and peacefully.


After that - or if there are no such candidates - transfers come into operation, entailing fresh counts.

In contrast, government spending on transfer payments is primarily concerned with equity and income redistribution.

It is important to note that government purchases and transfers have significantly different impacts upon the allocation of resources.

The transfer of corporate ownership through the sale of stock will not disrupt the continuity of the corporation.

The facilities for e-mail, file transfers and newsgroup messages are the equal of most Internet software packages on the market.

The outcome of nuclear transfer can vary a great deal, depending on which of these courses is followed.

This transfer of resources has been recycled into higher investment and the stock market boom.

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