Meaning of WRITING in English

[noun] [U]Writing is a person's style of writing with a pen or paper which can be recognized as their own.Do you recognise the writing on the envelope?This isn't my writing.Writing is also something which has been written or printed.There was some writing in the margins on one of the pages.Writing is also the written work, such as stories or poems, of one person or a group of people.She is studying women's writing at the turn of the century.Writing is also the activity of creating pieces of written work, such as stories, poems or articles.She loves writing and wants to become a journalist.I did a course in creative writing.In writing means in written form.Could you confirm your booking in writing within three days, please.We'll need to have your agreement in writing before we can proceed.If you say that the writing/(US also) handwriting is on the wall for something, you mean that there are clear signs that it will fail or no longer exist.The writing's on the wall for cars in cities.She and her colleagues have read/seen the writing on the wall for the company (= They have understood that the company will fail) and have been making plans to find other jobs.A writing desk is a desk (= a table for working at) with drawers.Writing paper (also notepaper) is paper of good quality which is used for writing letters. It is available in different colours and sizes, and usually has matching envelopes.See picture: Stationery

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