Meaning of WRITING in English


Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


Writing is something that has been written or printed.

‘It’s from a notebook,’ the sheriff said, ‘And there’s ~ on it.’...

If you have a complaint about your holiday, please inform us in ~.



You can refer to any piece of written work as ~, especially when you are considering the style of language used in it.

The ~ is brutally tough and savagely humorous...

It was such a brilliant piece of ~.



Writing is the activity of ~, especially of ~ books for money.

She had begun to be a little bored with novel ~.

...activities to help prepare children for ~.



Your ~ is the way that you write with a pen or pencil, which can usually be recognized as belonging to you.

It was a little difficult to read your ~...

I think it’s due to being left handed that he’s got terrible ~.

= hand~

N-UNCOUNT: usu poss N


An author’s ~s are all the things that he or she has written, especially on a particular subject.

Althusser’s ~s are focused mainly on France...

The pieces he is reading are adapted from the ~s of Michael Frayn.

N-PLURAL: usu with poss


If you say that the ~ is on the wall, you mean that there are clear signs that a situation is going to become very difficult or unpleasant.

The ~ is clearly on the wall. If we do nothing about it, we shall only have ourselves to blame.

PHRASE: V inflects

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