Meaning of WRITING in English

I. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of writen to write — more at write

1. : the act or process of one who writes

with one writing , copies may be made — E.M.Robinson


a. : the act or art of forming letters on stone, paper, wood, or other suitable medium to record the ideas which characters and words express or to communicate the ideas by visible signs : the use of characters to record in visible form words or sounds

if writing were not to be done on stone with a chisel but on wood or papyrus — Georg Steindorff & K.C.Seele

writing on the air with the index finger … took the place of pad and pencil — Caroline Yale

specifically : handwriting 1

b. : the act or practice of literary, journalistic, or other composition in words

engaged in the writing of a novel

also : the act or practice of musical composition

his adroit writing for the keyboard — Arthur Berger

2. : something written: as

a. : letters or characters formed on a surface that serve as visible signs of ideas, words, or symbols

alphabetic writing

cuneiform writing

syllabic writing

do you recognize the writing

b. : a letter, note, or notice used to communicate or record information


(1) : a written composition : a book, pamphlet, poem, article, or other literary production : publication

his biographies and writings on medical subjects — Current Biography

a wide variety of writings about literature — C.W.Shumaker

his collected writings in 10 volumes

(2) : a musical composition

(3) : a literary, artistic, or musical composition (as a novel or sculpture) that can be copyrighted

d. : inscription


(1) : a written or printed paper or document (as a deed, contract, pleading in court)

(2) : an impression of characters on paper or other substance by printing, photography, pencil, pen and ink, or other means

3. : a style or form of composition : a manner of literary or musical expression

straightforward narrative interspersed with passages in baroque writing

4. : the occupation of a writer ; especially : the profession of authorship

- writing on the wall

II. adjective


[ writing (I) ]

: of, relating to, or used in or for writing

writing table

writing pad


[from present participle of write (I) ]

: engaged in writing

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