Meaning of WRITING in English



a writing desk (= that you use for writing letters etc )

Under the window was a small writing desk.

a writing/painting/dancing etc competition

Greg won the school public-speaking competition.

creative writing

I teach creative writing at Trinity College.

piece of music/writing/sculpture etc

some unusual pieces of sculpture

reading/writing etc material(s)

Videos often make good teaching material.

reading/writing skills

Their reading skills are poor.

writing desk

writing paper

writing/note paper (= good quality paper for writing letters )

Can you fetch me a piece of writing paper and a pen?

writing/sketch/memo/legal etc pad

a box of paints and a sketch pad

Keep a telephone pad and a pen to hand.




That is the nature of creative writing to me.

And she has tried to defuse the threat which science undoubtedly can pose against creative writing .

In prisons which offer art or creative writing classes, inmates will pour out their frustrated feelings in painting or poetry.

He's easily distracted from anything that isn't creative writing , though, very up-and-down.

At the same time there is the danger that such multiple scenarios may be no more valid than creative fiction writing .

This is not just about the creation in a religious sense but Coleridge's own creative writing .

The exciting and liberating redirection achieved during the sixties, usually characterised as the creative writing movement, has lost its way.


This is where most of the best new writing is coming from.

Economy of words is a sign of good writing .

To be a fashion writer, you must have good writing skills - it's not enough simply to like clothes.

Looking at the might-have-beens of stylistic variation is a way of making the elusive quality of good writing open to inspection.

Careful reading and thoughtful, precise note making are essential to good essay writing .

William was taught by his father, a schoolmaster from Northamptonshire, and inherited his good writing .

We learn, mistakenly, that good writing is obscure, dense and full of hard words.

We come to believe that good writing shows how clever we are.


For you, all historical writing must be thought of as evidence.

It is possible to identify three main types of historical writing - descriptive, narrative and analytical.

Primary and Secondary Evidence Primary evidence is the point of origin of all historical thought and writing .

Clarify your understanding of the main differences between narrative, description and analysis in historical writing . 3.

Notice that: 1. the order of the objectives reveals something of the process of historical writing .

Most New Historical writing on the Renaissance has openly acknowledged the difficulties inherent in reading texts as cultural documents.

Within New Historical writing the anecdote which symbolically reveals some important facet of Renaissance culture is a familiar critical practice.

In historical writing you may need a great deal of factual information to support your argument or opinion.



He then began his letter writing campaign.

Integrated letter writing involves combining and manipulating data from a variety of different sources with the minimum of operator intervention.

The nature of letter writing has been emphasised, because it is critical to the success of a recruitment system.

With comprehension questions and letter writing exercises.

Come straight to the point and keep to the point are the golden rules of letter writing .

Final chapter revises grammatical points important in letter writing .

Training is available in telephone skills, letter writing , handling meetings or presentations, to help you meet your business objectives.

Index of model letters useful as a prop and exercises based on them also encourage creativity in letter writing .


I gave my orders and they led me to a private room and brought me some writing paper and a pen.

Under page 300 lay two folded complete sheets of writing paper .

The sharp sound of Sister Mary's hand banging down on the square of writing paper stopped the chanting.

Bridget was holding a sheet of writing paper .

You could use them as a decorative device on invitations, or as part of the design on your personal writing paper .

Hunting for some writing paper he emptied the drawer in his wardrobe out on to the floor.

He realised that he would need some more writing paper , as well as something to eat.

Standard cheap writing paper - there's reams of it on sale, about four hundred outlets.


Many had considerable reading and writing skills , but about 20 percent were recent immigrants, often with language difficulties.

These percentages are not based on functional literacy but on the most rudimentary writing skills .

These factors will naturally have their effect on acquisition of writing skills .

Infants are still developing their writing skills , and assessment will be through observation and discussion rather than through written exercises.

Employing such devices is a fine test of sheer writing skill , of careful and adroit manipulation of language.



If revised arrangements are made over the telephone, these, too, should be confirmed in writing .

If a specific idea has been discussed over the phone confirm the details in writing .

It should be confirmed in writing .

The guidelines say they should be so informed, and it should also be confirmed in writing .

He suggested I confirm my complaint in writing .

The instructions should either be given or confirmed in writing .


Some, because their interests lie elsewhere, may be barely able to read , and their writing may be rudimentary.

He should have read the writing on the machine they gave him to spin the golden thread.

She unfolded Marek's exercise book and began reading the spidery writing where she had been forced to stop.

The lessons we observed were reading and writing and Maths.

I knew when I saw her in the graveyard reading the writing .


All bids must be submitted in writing to the above address.

Below each picture was a short piece of writing in Arabic script.

Sherman produced his best writing back in the 1960s.

The writing on the label is too small for me to read.

There's some writing on the back of this photo, but I can't make out what it says.


But it was not only writers with established political identities who were wary about how writing might be perceived.

He felt it would leave him little time for his writing for one thing.

In Nizan's theory of the revolutionary novel it is elevated to the status of necessary pre-condition of authentic writing practices.

Nor is this only a question of a difference between writing and speech, as might at first appear.

Produce a sustained piece of writing when the task demands it. ii Produce well-structured pieces of writing.

The manual includes sample lesson plans, as well as guidelines on preparing and evaluating writing workshops.

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