Meaning of WRITING in English

/ ˈraɪtɪŋ; NAmE / noun


[ U ] the activity of writing, in contrast to reading, speaking, etc. :

Our son's having problems with his reading and writing (= at school)

a writing case (= containing paper, pens, etc.)


[ U ] the activity of writing books, articles, etc., especially as a job :

Only later did she discover a talent for writing.

He is leaving the band to concentrate on his writing.

creative writing

feminist / travel, etc. writing

—see also songwriting


[ U ] books, articles, etc. in general :

The review is a brilliant piece of writing.


writings [ pl. ] a group of pieces of writing, especially by a particular person or on a particular subject :

His experiences in India influenced his later writings.

the writings of Hegel


[ U ] words that have been written or painted on sth :

There was writing all over the desk.


[ U ] the particular way in which sb forms letters when they write

SYN handwriting :

Who's this from? I don't recognize the writing.


- in writing

- the writing is on the wall | see the writing on the wall

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