Meaning of CLOSE in English


I. close verb


to fill an opening with an appropriate closure

be sure to close the gate

Synonyms: ||put to, shut

Related Word: bang, clap, slam; block, choke, clog, obstruct, occlude, stop; debar, exclude

Antonyms: open


Synonyms: screen 3, block out, obstruct, shroud, shut off, shut out


to bring or come to a limit or to a natural or appropriate stopping point

closed the meeting as soon as the discussion was over

Synonyms: complete, conclude, consummate, determine, do, end, finish, halt, terminate, ultimate, wind up, wrap up

Related Word: cease, desist, quit, stop; finalize, write off

Idioms: call it a day, set a period to

Contrasted words: begin, commence, enter (on or upon), inaugurate, initiate, start


Synonyms: fill 1, block, choke, clog, congest, obstruct, occlude, plug, stop, stopper


Synonyms: decrease , abate, ||bate, diminish, drain (away), dwindle, lessen, reduce, taper, taper off


Synonyms: meet 6, encounter, face, front

II. close noun


Synonyms: end 2, cease, cessation, conclusion, desistance, ending, finish, period, stop, termination


Synonyms: finale , conclusion, end, ending, finish, windup

Antonyms: opening

III. ||close noun

Synonyms: court 1, courtyard, curtilage, enclosure, quad, quadrangle, yard

IV. close adjective


Synonyms: silent 3, close-lipped, closemouthed, close-tongued, reserved, reticent, taciturn, tight-lipped, tight-mouthed, uncommunicative

Idioms: close as a clam

Contrasted words: candid, frank, plain

Antonyms: open


Synonyms: stuffy 1, airless, breathless, stifling, stivy, suffocating, sultry

Related Word: humid, muggy, sticky


Synonyms: stingy , cheeseparing, closefisted, miserly, ||narrow, niggardly, parsimonious, penny-pinching, penurious, tight

Antonyms: liberal


having the constituent parts massed closely together

a paper of fine close texture

Synonyms: compact, crowded, dense, thick, tight

Related Word: compacted, compressed, condensed, consolidated, constricted, contracted; firm, solid, substantial; impenetrable, impermeable; close-grained

Contrasted words: lax, loose, slack; unconsolidated


Synonyms: tight 3, taut, tense


not far removed (as in space, time, or relationship) from something stipulated or understood

true and veritable are close synonyms

the park is very close to the river

it is close to closing time

Synonyms: immediate, near, near-at-hand, nearly, nigh, proximate; compare neighboring

Related Word: abutting, adjacent, adjoining, contiguous; convenient, handy; nearest, nearmost, next

Idioms: at hand, at one's fingers' ends ( or fingertips), under one's nose

Contrasted words: distant, far, faraway, far-off, removed

Antonyms: remote


Synonyms: familiar 1, chummy, confidential, intimate, thick

Contrasted words: cool, remote, withdrawn

Antonyms: aloof

V. close adverb

into proximity with respect to space, time, or approach

hoping to come closer to the truth of the matter

Synonyms: at close hand, hard, near, nearby, nigh

Related Word: almost, nearabout, nearly

Idioms: as near as no matter ( or never mind), in hailing ( or spitting) distance, within an inch ( or an ace) of, within a stone's throw

Contrasted words: afar, distantly, far

Antonyms: remotely

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