Meaning of CLOSE in English


v. 1 shut, close up, seal; close off, lock, padlock, secure, fasten I closed my eyes Please close the door behind you. 2 make inaccessible, shut, Chiefly US place off limits The Bodleian Library will be closed for a week 3 conclude, end, finish, complete, bring to a close or end, terminate, climax, Colloq wind up A brilliant flourish closes the first movement of the symphony 4 conclude, sign, seal, make, settle, clinch, agree, arrange, work out, establish Union and management closed a deal, and the strike was called off 5 Also, close down. discontinue, terminate, stop, suspend, shut down, go out of business, cease operations, close (up), Colloq wind up, shut up shop, put up the shutters Competition from the supermarket forced the greengrocer to close down 6 Also, close off. seal, make inaccessible, shut (off), obstruct, obturate This wing of the museum has been closed off temporarily 7 close one's eyes to. ignore, overlook, disregard You have always closed your eyes to his faults 8 close up. a close, shut (up), lock up, close (down) It's time to close up for the night b close, come or draw or bring together, unite, join; connect We closed up ranks and stood at attention

adj. 9 near; adjacent, proximate, proximal He claims to have had a close encounter with an extraterrestrial There certainly is a close resemblance between Kathy and her daughter. 10 closed, shut (up), fixed, fast, secure, tight The hostages spent a month in close confinement 11 dense, compact, tight, cramped, compressed, tiny, minuscule, minute I could hardly read the close writing on the matchbox 12 stuffy, musty, stale, fusty, confining, oppressive, airless, unventilated, confined, stifling, suffocating They locked me in a room that was so close I could hardly breathe 13 nearly equal or even, close-matched, neck and neck, tight It was a close race, but Flanagan won by a hair 14 careful, assiduous, precise, detailed, concentrated, strict, rigorous, minute, searching, attentive, alert, intent, intense, thorough, painstaking Close analysis has revealed that the handwriting is that of a left-handed adult 15 attached, intimate, devoted, familiar, inseparable, close-knit, solid, confidential; fast; Colloq thick, thick as thieves, pally, US and Canadian palsy-walsy, buddy-buddy They are a very close family She and her father are very close. 16 private, privy, secret, guarded, closely guarded, confidential Although it should have been a close secret, the press managed to get hold of it 17 secretive, reticent, taciturn, reserved, close-mouthed, tight-lipped, silent She is very close about the whereabouts of her husband 18 stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, tight-fisted, close-fisted, parsimonious, penurious, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, Scrooge-like, skinflinty, Colloq near, Brit mingy He's so close he charges his own mother rent 19 secluded, concealed, shut up or away, hidden The fugitives decided to lie close till nightfall

adv. 20 near, in the neighbourhood (of), not far (from), adjacent (to); alongside; at hand, nearby, close by The murder took place close to my house I'm frightened, so please stay close by. 21 close to or on or onto. nearly, almost, about, practically, approximately, nigh unto, approaching For close to two thousand years the site lay untouched

n. 22 end, termination, conclusion, finish, completion, cessation; culmination By the close of trading, share prices had risen again

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