Meaning of CLOSE in English


adj., adv., & n.

adj. 1 (often foll. by to) situated at only a short distance or interval. 2 a having a strong or immediate relation or connection (close friend; close relative). b in intimate friendship or association (were very close). c corresponding almost exactly (close resemblance). d fitting tightly (close cap). e (of hair etc.) short, near the surface. 3 in or almost in contact (close combat; close proximity). 4 dense, compact, with no or only slight intervals (close texture; close writing; close formation; close thicket). 5 in which competitors are almost equal (close contest; close election). 6 leaving no gaps or weaknesses, rigorous (close reasoning). 7 concentrated, searching (close examination; close attention). 8 (of air etc.) stuffy or humid. 9 closed, shut. 10 limited or restricted to certain persons etc. (close corporation; close scholarship). 11 a hidden, secret, covered. b secretive. 12 (of a danger etc.) directly threatening, narrowly avoided (that was close). 13 niggardly. 14 (of a vowel) pronounced with a relatively narrow opening of the mouth. 15 narrow, confined, contracted. 16 under prohibition.

adv. 1 (often foll. by by, on, to, upon) at only a short distance or interval (they live close by; close to the church). 2 closely, in a close manner (shut close).

n. 1 an enclosed space. 2 Brit. a street closed at one end. 3 Brit. the precinct of a cathedral. 4 Brit. a school playing-field or playground. 5 Sc. an entry from the street to a common stairway or to a court at the back. at close quarters very close together. close-fisted niggardly. close-fitting (of a garment) fitting close to the body. close-grained without gaps between fibres etc. close harmony harmony in which the notes of the chord are close together. close-hauled (of a ship) with the sails hauled aft to sail close to the wind. close-knit tightly bound or interlocked; closely united in friendship. close-mouthed reticent. close score Mus. a score with more than one part on the same staff. close season Brit. the season when something, esp. the killing of game etc., is illegal. close-set separated only by a small interval or intervals. close shave colloq. a narrow escape. close to the wind see WIND(1). close-up 1 a photograph etc. taken at close range and showing the subject on a large scale. 2 an intimate description. go close (of a racehorse) win or almost win. closely adv. closeness n. closish adj.

[ ME f. OF clos f. L clausum enclosure & clausus past part. of claudere shut ]

Concise Oxford English dictionary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка.