Meaning of FAILURE in English




omission of performance of an action or task

the mechanic's failure to adjust the brakes

Synonyms: default, delinquency, dereliction, neglect, oversight

Related Word: laxity, negligence, remissness, slackness; indifference, unconcern

Contrasted words: accomplishment, achievement, discharge, effectuation, fulfillment


lack of satisfactory performance or effect

the failure of the candidate in the election

Synonyms: defeat, insuccess, nonsuccess, unsuccess, unsuccessfulness

Related Word: failing, fault, imperfection, shortcoming

Idioms: no go

Antonyms: success


the fact or state of being inadequate

the crop failure brought on a near famine

Synonyms: defalcation, deficiency, deficit, inadequacy, insufficience, insufficiency, lack, scantiness, shortage, underage; compare absence , scarcity

Related Word: inferiority, meagerness, poorness, skimpiness; dearth, paucity

Contrasted words: abundance, adequacy, sufficiency


a marked weakening

felt a gradual failure of physical strength

Synonyms: declination, decline, deterioration, ebbing, waning

Related Word: debilitation, enfeeblement, exhaustion, flagging, weakness

Contrasted words: improvement; invigoration, revitalization, strengthening


one that has failed

he is a failure in school because of inattention

Synonyms: bomb, bummer, bust, dud, flop, lemon, loser

Related Word: botch, fiasco, fizzle, hash, muddle, washout; has-been, might-have-been

Antonyms: success

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