Meaning of STRONG in English




having great physical strength

had the strong hands and arms of a wrestler

Synonyms: mighty, powerful, ||strengthy, wieldy; compare muscular 2

Related Word: firm, robust, stark, strapping, sturdy, two-handed; able-bodied, tough; brawny, muscular, sinewy; lusty, vigorous

Idioms: strong as a bull ( or ox)

Contrasted words: feeble, frail; puny, weak-bodied; forceless, impotent, powerless, strengthless

Antonyms: weak


having or manifesting great force or power (as in acting or resisting)

a strong constitution

Synonyms: stalwart, stout, sturdy, tenacious, tough

Related Word: hardy, robust, rugged, strapping; firm, solid, staunch; durable, enduring; forceful, potent, powerful; lusty, vigorous

Contrasted words: frail; forceless, impotent, powerless, strengthless; depleted, failing

Antonyms: weak


being rich in a characteristic ingredient

strong coffee

Synonyms: concentrated, full-bodied, lusty, potent, robust

Related Word: strong-flavored, strong-tasting; straight, undiluted, unmixed; rich; heroic, large, powerful

Contrasted words: diluted, mixed, watered-down

Antonyms: weak


Synonyms: spirituous , alcoholic, ardent, hard


Synonyms: sure 1, fast, firm, secure, stable, staunch

Related Word: solid, substantial, unmoving, unyielding


Synonyms: malodorous 1, fetid, high, nidorous, noisome, olid, rancid, rank, stenchy, stinking

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