Meaning of STRONG in English




a 10-strong/14-strong etc team (= one with 10, 14 etc people )

A six-strong team from the Transport Research Laboratory is at the crash scene.

a 10-strong/14-strong etc team (= one with 10, 14 etc people )

A six-strong team from the Transport Research Laboratory is at the crash scene.

a bright/strong colour (= strong and noticeable )

Bright colours look good in strong sunlight.

a broad/strong/heavy hint (= one that is very easy to understand )

He had dropped a heavy hint that they might get married.

a clear/strong signal

My body was giving me a clear signal that something was wrong.

a close/great/strong similarity

There was a close similarity between his and Smith's views on education.

a close/strong bond

A strong bond had developed between them.

a close/strong connection

the close connection between maths and physics

a deep/strong/powerful instinct

He bent down, obeying a deep instinct to protect himself from danger.

a firm/strong belief

It is still my firm belief that we did the right thing.

a good/strong melody

It’s hard to find rules about what makes a good melody.

a good/strong team

We have a very strong sales team.

a hard/strong currency (= currency from a country with a strong economy )

They accept American dollars and other hard currencies.

a severe/strong gale

Severe gales disrupted road and rail travel throughout Britain.

a sharp/stark/strong contrast (= very great )

There is a sharp contrast between the type of people who read the two newspapers.

a solid/firm/strong base

A good education should give you a solid base for life.

a stiff/strong breeze

There was a good stiff breeze, just right for sailing.

a stiff/strong drink (= a drink with a lot of strong alcohol )

He was in need of a stiff drink to calm himself down.

a strong bargaining position

Most new artists and bands aren’t in a strong bargaining position .

a strong campaign (= forceful and effective )

The car was the subject of a strong advertising campaign.

a strong cast (= a lot of good actors )

The play has a strong cast of new young actors.

a strong denial

When the accusation was made, it met with a strong denial.

a strong grip

Maggie took the boy's arm in a strong grip.

a strong motive

Barbara had a strong motive for disliking Ben.

a strong objection

Parents at the school have voiced strong objections to the closure.

a strong opponent (= one who feels strongly that a particular thing is wrong and tries to stop it )

Brennan was a strong opponent of the death penalty.

a strong personality

Mercer has a strong personality and always tells you his opinion.

a strong preference

In some countries, there is still a strong preference for sons.

a strong probability (= a high probability )

There is a strong probability that the letter has been destroyed.

a strong resemblance

This slender, feathery herb has a strong resemblance to fennel.

a strong response

The photograph provoked a strong response from many people.

a strong rumour (= a rumour that is likely to be true )

There is a strong rumour that the government is planning to drop the idea.

a strong supporter

He was a strong supporter of co-education.

a strong suspicion

She had a strong suspicion he was laughing at her.

a strong tendency

There is a strong tendency to give dying patients far more drugs than are necessary.

a strong tradition

There is a strong tradition of sport at the school.

a strong will

She had a very strong will and a clear sense of purpose.

a strong/broad/thick/pronounced accent (= very noticeable )

She spoke with a strong Scottish accent.

a broad Australian accent

a strong/close alliance

He forged a strong alliance between his state and the church.

a strong/deep impression (= one that someone feels very strongly )

She made a strong impession on me the first time I met her.

a strong/good position (= a situation in which you have an advantage )

A victory tonight will put them in a very strong position to win the cup.

a strong/good possibility (= something that is very likely )

There is a strong possibility that the drug causes similar damage in humans.

a strong/great sense of sth

He had a strong sense of responsibility.

a strong/heavy emphasis

There is a strong emphasis on research in the university.

a strong/high/close correlation

They found evidence of a high correlation between drinking and violence.

a strong/powerful incentive

The possibility of acquiring wealth acts as a strong incentive in many people's lives.

a strong/powerful influence

The press can have a powerful influence on the way people vote.

a strong/serious competitor

In the global economy, China is emerging as a strong competitor.

a strong/serious disagreement

If you have a serious disagreement at work, talk to someone about it.

a strong/significant relationship

Studies show a significant relationship between smoking and heart disease.

a strong/tough opponent (= one that is difficult to defeat )

Arizona is a strong opponent, but the Oregon team intend to beat them.

a strong/weak leader

She’s a strong leader and an intelligent woman.

be in a strong/weak etc position

We are in a good position to help.


The light was so bright he had to shut his eyes.

close/strong ties

He had developed close ties with many Republican governors.

considerable/strong/keen interest

The results of their work will be of considerable interest.

good/clear/strong evidence

There is clear evidence that smoking causes heart disease.

good/strong swimmer

Peter’s a very strong swimmer.

good/strong/firm discipline (= clear rules that people understand and must obey )

Without good discipline in a school, the standard of teaching suffers.

great/deep/strong loyalty

She was admired for her deep loyalty to her colleagues.


His one great desire in life was to own a Mercedes.

The desire was too strong to resist.


There is a strong temptation to ignore all the potential problems.

The temptation was too great for her to resist.

have a strong/sweet etc smell

The flowers had a lovely sweet smell.

have a sweet/strong etc flavour

These biscuits have a very distinctive flavour.

immensely powerful/strong/important etc

Nationalism is an immensely powerful force.

in strong terms

The Pope condemned both Nazism and Communism in strong terms.

sb’s strong point (= something that they are good at )

Mathematics was never my strong point.

serious/strong/leading etc contender

Her album is a strong contender for the Album of the Year award.

strong association

the strong association between the disease and middle-aged women

strong beer (= with a lot of alcohol )

He had drunk two pints of strong beer before attempting to drive.

strong commitment

She's known for her strong commitment to women's rights.

strong consensus

There is a strong consensus that it is time for a change of leadership.

strong disapproval

strong disapproval of the country’s human rights record

strong grounds

There are strong grounds for believing his statement.

strong links

The company has strong links with big investors.

strong opinions

People have strong opinions about this subject.

strong opposition (= disagreement that someone feels strongly )

The scheme has met with strong opposition from local people.

strong passions

In this area, the issue has already stirred strong passions.

strong prejudice

Women who want to work in broadcasting often encounter strong prejudice.

strong principles (= that someone believes in very strongly )

a man of strong principles

strong proponent

Steinem has always been a strong proponent of women’s rights.

strong reservations

Five of the committee members expressed strong reservations about the product's safety.

strong resistance

He prepared for strong resistance to the changes.

strong stance

a strong stance against abortion

strong sunlight

Don't expose babies under six months to strong sunlight.

strong support

A survey found strong support for the project among hospital staff.

strong views

She has strong views on education.

strong wine (= having a lot of alcohol )

This village produces strong wines of good character.

strong (= good )

The company has reported continuing strong sales.


a muscular man with strong arms


The flavour of the sauce was quite strong.


On surfing beaches, strong currents are common.


This is one of the strongest French cheeses.


He's breathing better. The pulse is stronger too.


I don't like wearing very strong perfume.


The performance of the retail sector continues to be strong.


Many industries are expecting strong growth this year.


He had a strong impulse to punch Stan in the face.


Our relationship is strong enough to survive anything.


I can’t use my phone because the signal isn’t strong enough here.


There was a strong smell of burning in the air.


This cheese has quite a strong taste.


You've made the tea too strong.


The wind was so strong he could hardly stand.


The new government inherited a strong economy.

strong/intense pressure

There was strong pressure for a statement from the President.


There was a strong feeling of anger among the workers.


Issues such as abortion arouse strong emotions.

The emotion was so intense that she spent most of the movie in tears.

strong/poor showing

Women made a strong showing in the election.

strong/powerful magic

Her fingers moved to make the sign that protected against strong magic.


He had powerful shoulders and a thick neck.


The urge was too strong to resist.

strong/serious competition

The company is facing strong competition in the market.

strong/severe/heavy criticism

This decision attracted heavy criticism from environmental groups.

strong/unpleasant/pungent/offensive etc odour

obnoxious odours from a factory


I needed some strong coffee to wake me up.

the strong silent type (= a man who looks strong and does not talk very much )




Tall, and as strong as a lion.

He was as strong as they get.

She was the tallest of the girls, and in some ways she was as strong as a man.

The job-chain career provided strength, but it was only as strong as each individual link.

The smell of wealth was as strong in the air as the fragrance of flowers from the garden borders.

Her rich alto, at 49, is as strong as ever.

His memories of Sarah were as strong as ever, but he thought of her with mixed emotions.

And now she was as strong as a cart horse, and he didn't give a damn.


I get that smell even stronger .

But he has fewer jobs than some other wards that are even stronger .

Further asset sales from breaking up ConsGold will put it in an even stronger position from which to launch further takeovers.

Voters' views on abortion ran even stronger against the Buchanan position.

However, the case against prejudice is even stronger , and more complex.

Adding walking made bones even stronger .

The girl's solitary state occasioned a good deal of sympathy, and in some cases, even stronger feelings.

From the shambles of the aldermanic elections and the final collapse of the Kelly-Nash leadership, Daley walked out even stronger .


Ackroyd is much stronger on the personal pressures behind Dickens' literary creations.

There has been a much stronger increase in exports over the last few quarters than we would have expected a year ago.

Probably got bleached, living in so much strong sun.

The fact that this collection is much stronger on diagnosis than cure should not prevent it reaching a wide public.

The party is much stronger today than it was four years ago.

As you say, your Chelonian constitutions are much stronger than those of us parasites.

When cooled, these microwave-sintered rutile masses are much stronger and resistant to thermal shock than conventionally heated rutile.


The exposed roads of the A12 meant that the wind was particularly strong .

These more primitive readings in sharar throw a particularly strong light on the occurrence of the institution narrative there.

These effects are particularly strong on small lakes.

Toulouse-Lautrec was of the generation of artists who followed the Impressionists, and Degas had a particularly strong influence on his work.

Objections were particularly strong from rural areas so it is not surprising that the Conservatives rejected the Redcliffe-Maud scheme.

It was particularly strong where the different science teachers worked together as a team to deliver S1-S4 courses.

Among labouring poets, Mary Leapor will prove a particularly strong instance of a satirist attacking her betters.

We may like or dislike different activities with particularly strong feelings involved.


We begin with the argument that the evidence for a Deity might be so strong as to undermine faith.

His hold over swimming was never so strong .

She was going out with a friend of mine, but she came on so strong that she frightened him off.

I felt so strong , I thought I could hurt him again like in the fifth or sixth round.

He was so strong and healthy ... and young.

The concentration of the cast was so strong that the mood was well maintained.

He looked over to the childlike form on his bed and felt a protective instinct so strong he almost wept.


Community demand for education is still strong , and puts further pressures on government resources.

Yet aversion to HMOs is still strong , especially in rural areas of the nation.

There are still strong emotional attachments to these outposts, which are spread out over the valley.

But the impact of the movement is still strong .

And who could be sure that such secrets could be kept from the spy network still strong in every dormitory and classroom?

Though a like condition existed among the Federals, their numbers were still strong and their position on the field tactically promising.

Departmentalism is still strong , and has recovered some of its ground in recent years.

Demand for most junk bonds is still strong , because investors keep putting cash into high yield funds.


No doubt she would be doing the cycle irreparable damage, but the urge to ride it was too strong to be denied.

Where the struggle was too strong to be defeated, they view it with abhorrence as a triumph for an adversary nation.

The medium had been too strong for them, they had taken to it like aborigines to the bottle.

I wonder if I am printing too strong and tone-full!!!

Other requirements: Light: Bright light, but not too strong .

The temptation to create a compelling, entertaining sports movie must be too strong to resist.

If the flavour of this solution is too strong , they may be soaked in milk before use.

Constance struggled and tried to free her arms, but the man was too strong for her.


Between parents and school; individuals develop very strong appetites for recognition.

We have a very strong case.

She had a very strong will and a clear sense of purpose.

I have very strong ideas about weddings.

The changes I have suggested as national and internal actually have a very strong international dimension.

During most of Charman's time with the group, the bond between them had been very strong .

She wasn't young but she was very strong .

I feel very strong most of the time.



The first, simplest, and strongest argument was that it was wrong and unnecessary to place eleven-year-olds in separate schools.

He produced the strongest arguments why these provinces should not be partitioned.

There are other very strong arguments for the importance of reading for pupils under the age of 16.

I am to speak to trustees again Wed.&038;; must make a clear &038; strong argument .

In the original submission the deputy head felt that the impending school closure was a strong argument for receiving the money.

It is one of the strongest arguments for theism that it can do that.

There would seem to be a strong argument , with so many millions of us, only to do it once.

On all of them there are strong arguments on each side.


That is a necessary part of providing the kind of aid for which there is an increasingly strong case .

We have a very strong case .

One could make a strong case that they would be more difficult to pursue.

The strongest case , in fact, comes from photographs, which Peters includes in her centerfold, but does not discuss.

There is now a strong case for a realistic dialogue between those studying glacier dynamics and those studying forms.

Perhaps the strongest case of dissatisfaction was that of a small businessman.

Problems in prescribing at the interface present a strong case for commissioning agencies that would consider drug purchasing across both care sectors.

When a primary attack occurs in such circumstances, there is a strong case for delivering the baby by caesarian section.


He had a strong commitment to building bridges between the divided community here.

A strong commitment from top executives.

Cherwell Scientific's list of chemistry software shows a strong commitment to scientific productivity and innovation.

Despite a strong commitment to resource-based teaching at the time, most schools found multimedia kits more trouble than they were worth.

That was what I had earlier learned to do in order to appeal to the human spirit and create strong commitment .

Much more pressing considerations may produce a sullen acceptance of the existing social order which entails no strong commitment to the statusquo.

Each house also represents a strong commitment from the business community.


The failure to agree on definite targets brought strong criticism from environmentalists.

Her decision drew strong criticism from environmental groups, nuclear non-proliferation activists and some members of Congress.

I intend to file a very strong criticism of your teaching methods.

A stronger criticism of the use of objectives can be made on ethical grounds.

Bernstein's work has come in for some strong criticism recently.

Some of them have been getting strong criticism lately.

The Government also came in for strong criticism .


Several analysts said this was evidence of continued strong demand in the economy.

There is a strong demand for new issues of stocks made by banks, railroads, mines.

Dallas: Demand was up for business services, with strong demand from technology, real estate, and finance companies.

The Nasdaq's overnight gains sparked strong demand for electronic blue chips.

Analysts say the increase may stick for a few months because of strong demand .

There were reports of strong demand from institutional fund managers and private clients, together with interest from overseas investors.

Cable companies also enjoy strong demand .


In managing very strong desires and impulses the child has his relationship with his parents as a resource.

People have a strong desire for personal independence.

Cassie experienced a strong desire to own them.

Most men, particularly when young, have a strong desire to follow and emulate such leaders.

I had a strong desire to repossess.

Everyone expressed a strong desire to work together with you.

Their willingness to do so indicated a strong desire to participate in training.

On the first day, the woman, whose name was Fania, had expressed a strong desire to learn to read.


Against the strong dollar , the pound fell to a 31-month low earlier of $ 1. 5201.

A strong dollar boosts exporters' profits by allowing them to lower prices abroad, which makes them more competitive.

Against the strong dollar , the pound fell to $ 1. 5102 compared with $ 1. 5230 yesterday.


There was strong evidence of a slow but methodical spread of this knowledge.

Six of her seven hypotheses were supported by strong evidence .

So, the experiments produced strong evidence of a rhodopsin-like mechanism in the mites' extraocular receptors.

This provides strong evidence that the hybridization signals obtained are highly specific and due to the transfected plasmid.

There is strong evidence to suggest that the brain does not cope with information in a simple, linear form.

His conclusion was that four-point alignment was strong evidence of design rather than accident.

Certainly, there is little strong evidence of an unambiguous growth in permissive child-rearing practice, at least in the United Kingdom.

But they need strong evidence to secure a conviction.


She experienced a strong feeling of déjàvu, as if she'd seen him before, as if she knew him.

The strong feelings and the sharpness of the issue was quickly illustrated Monday.

Indeed he had a strong feeling that only his six foot four inches prevented one of them from saying so.

There is strong feeling among those who do pay the community charge about those who should pay but are not paying.

Many young people are confused, led astray by strong feelings .

But there was still a strong feeling among the citizens of Rotherham that the whole thing didn't really concern them.

He told how he saw 2 cars going up the road and had a strong feeling there would be an accident.


The market believes strong growth prospects are limited in the medium term and the stock fell 11p to 456p.

The strongest growth is in the 18-to-34 year-old group, Marks said.

Allied businesses such as specialist surgical gloves also offer strong growth potential worldwide.

Its telecoms business showed the strongest growth , however, rising 123 per cent to £11.6m.

The strongest growth in turnover came from Druck Holdings, up 60% at £27m.

This strong growth continues into the current year.


When gambling with Nature, it pays to have a strong hand .

No more to trouble earth or the sea waters With their strong hands , Laboring for the food that does not satisfy.

Yet it was also wealthy and powerfully organised, a strong weapon given a strong hand .

Or what strong hand can hold his swift foot back?

During his election campaign Demirel had spoken of the need for a strong hand in dealing with Kurdish guerrillas.

His strong hand ended the furious civil wars and brought about the Pax Augusta, which lasted for nearly half a century.

For how are we to bring in the corn harvest with all those strong hands and strong arms gone?

A strong hand had to bring forth political altruism, whatever the tone of economics.


There was a strong influence from his parents pushing John towards an interest in ballet.

The strongest influence religion has on slowing the transition to low fertility is among poor and uneducated women in rural areas.

The pressure exerted by such groups had a stronger influence than management demands.

Toulouse-Lautrec was of the generation of artists who followed the Impressionists, and Degas had a particularly strong influence on his work.

The press had a particularly strong influence on the attitudes of Labour identifiers, especially towards the end of the campaign.

The above reference to large and powerful retail chains implies that they can exert a strong influence in the marketplace.

The press also had a moderately strong influence on public feelings of warmth towards parties and their leaders.


The monitors of the People's Daily's main discussion group let this strong language remain on the website.

Northern church leaders used equally strong language about their southern counterparts.

That is strong language , but it is also the essence of Anwar's defence case.

In a press conference, Bush supporters used the strongest language so far to impugn the legitimacy of the continued Florida recounts.

Admiral Boyd opposed the idea in the strongest language I had ever heard him use.

Jefferson never used stronger language than Carroll did against religion supPorted by law.

Jacobson said he would have preferred stronger language on limiting fats, cholesterol, sodium and sugar.


It was most noticeable in the case of that fabulous strong man , Samson.

He was a very strong man .

William Darling was a thin, strong man about fifty years old.

The mythology about Red Anthony was that he was the strongest man in Holoke, Massachusetts.

He had a local reputation as a sportsman and a strong man , and also as a womanizer.

This was a strong man who could face what he had to if given as much information as possible.

I've seen strong men crying at the salmon mayonnaise, and the wine cellar would turn a camel off the water.

Today that strong man was shown to have dropped a massive political clanger.


He has his spiky hair, strong opinions and wacky humour.

And though there were plenty of strong opinions , much of the parish still seemed profoundly ambivalent about the protest.

He's a shy man with strong opinions and assertive ideas.

He now had carte blanche to pursue any major story in town and to inject his strong opinions unabashedly into his writings.

There is widespread concern and strong opinion throughout the country that the Government are handling this issue most inappropriately.

Steven feels that prior to Vassar he always had strong opinions but had never been political.

He harbored strong opinions and could be brash in expressing them, but avoided political engagement that had no purpose.


Voice over However that party is facing strong opposition from people living in nearby Wavenden.

The environmental studies were the hardest challenges for the Marines because of the strong opposition from area residents, he acknowledged.

Mr Major has repeatedly made clear his strong opposition changing the voting system.

But there is strong opposition to that spot: Critics say it would destroy the vista.&038;.

The Left became increasingly middle-class and this reinforced the already strong opposition to it among trade union officials.

There was strong opposition in Washington to the many generous provisions of the bill.

Political observers said that without a strong opposition party in Parliament there would be few checks on Chretien and the Liberal Party.

In each so-called cooperative the attention paid to social issues, work conditions, and community welfare was meeting strong opposition .


And as was evident early on in the match, she relied on her strong points to get into a rhythm.

And financial management, said Uberuaga, is his strong point .

One additional device is a spectrometer to study the infrared spectra of strong point sources.

Judgment was never your strong point .

If Rodgers' singing was Bad Company's strongest point , his lyrics were often their weakest.

As always, play up your strongest points in the opening paragraph and refer to them as you go along.

She was no good at discussion or argument anyway. that wasn't her strong point .

Mr. King My hon. Friend makes a strong point .


Our expertise in Engineering Contracting and Design has given us a strong position in long term partnering contracts.

Politicians of both parties have taken a strong position against it.

The community broadcasters are in a stronger position than ever before to establish credibility at a nationwide level.

Thomas chose a strong position on a spur of Missionary Ridge...

This puts you in a strong position to counter-attack.

Accross the London Fox floor, cocoa remained dominated by strong positions in the December contract.

This places Johnson Matthey in a strong position to design and develop improved catalysts.


Great success at the Bar leads to a very considerable income and the strong possibility of a judgeship.

Finally, there is the strong possibility that a contagion effect will operate in this setting.

There is a strong possibility , however, that phantom pregnancies will recur at successive heats.

There had been a strong possibility that the Newleys would have turned the security locks as well.

I just say it is a strong possibility .

There is also the strong possibility that family loyalty will prevail despite the abuse.

It is certainly a possibility for many foreign quasi-governmental agencies, and it is an even stronger possibility for corporates.

There is a strong possibility that trustees-guardians of individual savers' interests-will be required to bear more responsibility.


That kind of jealous behaviour isn't conducive to having a healthy, strong relationship .

Even Berry Brazelton needed that in order to form strong relationships with his own children.

They demonstrated the school's strong relationship with its environment.

He instructed his officers to build strong relationships with churches, businesses, PTAs, and other community organizations.

There is not a strong relationship between the size of volunteering and the size of participation in a sport.

Positive writing is an important way to create a strong relationship with your readers and deliver bad news as effectively as possible.

Comparison with Table 5.4 shows a strong relationship with patterns of issuance by nationality.

Frustration quickly undermines otherwise strong relationships .


His strong sense of duty made him insist on going, even if the weather was very bad.

They add to the strong sense of place Clark creates.

There is also a strong sense of closeness to the United States.

I have seen eating obsessions up close before, but never one with such a strong sense of righteous healthiness.

As for the case of the welfare-tax protesters Dworkin implies that they have no right in the strong sense to withhold their tax.

She was a strange girl, intelligent and proud, with powerful loyalties, and a strong sense of friendship.

Law was a highly efficient, rather unimaginative, detailed administrator, given political force by a strong sense of partisan combativeness.

Approach them with a positive attitude and a strong sense that change is possible.


On the other hand, the research showed strong support among parents for assessment tests for youngsters, especially at age 11.

As with any complex electronic information system or service, a strong support structure can make an enormous difference in customer satisfaction.

She also finds strong support among the party's grass roots.

Spokesman Ben Ord said doorstep canvassing had registered strong support for the Liberal Democrats.

Martin's campaign war chest enjoys strong support from industry, including mine managers and safety officers.

For childless elderly people in particular these brothers or sisters may provide a strong support .


All five of the daughters of James Newbigin were strong supporters of the feminist cause.

He is a strong supporter of a bill before Congress to limit the number of death penalty appeals to four.

Modernization theory, like the Weber thesis, has its strong supporters and its strong detractors.

Both were strong supporters of municipal enterprise.


The army had strong ties with the agricultural population through the system of conscription.

As with the peasantry, strong ties of loyalty and obligation tend to prevent the development of permanent horizontal links.

Community colleges also tend to have stronger ties to businesses than do either high schools or four-year institutions.

Most important of these is the existence of strong ties of family and friendship.

They have strong ties to institutions of higher learning.

The Minister of Culture had strong ties with the Academy and determined its funding.

Hofmann, especially, has strong ties to the East Bay, having lived his entire life there.


There is a strong tradition of smuggling, illicit goods being brought from nearby Flookburgh on the coast.

Psychology in the United States has had a strong tradition of behaviorism.

In the first place, the left has a strong tradition of defying authority, and smoking fits neatly into this.

Drama has maintained its strong tradition , with a major performance each year.

In Asturias there was a strong tradition of early migration in the poor mountain villages.

Consequently in Britain there is a strong tradition of investigating the prevalence of ill health and specific medical conditions among older people.

There is a strong tradition in the sociological literature which would lead us to expect such a change of direction.

Within government there will be strong traditions which have to be overcome if a new culture is to develop.


I can't imagine ... that is. my sister does take such a strong view .

Dover has strong views on why this Bill should not get any further.

In his preface to the book, Mr Zhang emerges as some one with a strong view on the right way forward.

The bias in the contributions is towards quite strong views of equity if not egalitarianism, but different income inequality ideologies exist.

They said they didn't have strong views on intensive farming.

Fathers may have very strong views on what course of action their daughters should take.

However, the family spoke Punjabi exclusively at home and had very strong views on the need to do this.

He served for many years as examiner for the London water supply and held strong views on sewage purification.


Conditions are ideal for novices when the strong winds lay off, but may be interrupted if a windy session sets in.

The same materials, thrown into the Martian atmosphere by strong winds , give the Martian sky a pinkish color.

Disadvantages: Lack of volume, thus difficult to sail in all but strong winds .

Firefighters must contend with steep canyons and the strong winds , not to mention hot and dry conditions.

On one of these outings, the nervous mare I was riding was already unsettled by strong winds .

Bad weather can force an emergency landing or strong winds can blow them off course.

They're easy to sail short handed in strong winds , so they're excellent value for couples.

The matches are designed not to blow out in strong winds or when immersed in water.


come on strong

But the defense came on strong in the playoffs.

He'd come on strong towards the end of his round to pull up within a shot of us.

The Republicans were coming on strong.

have a strong stomach

It's a very violent film. You'll need a strong stomach to sit through it.

You have to have a strong stomach to invest in today's bond market.

pack a (hard/hefty/strong etc) punch

A wave 10 feet high and 500 feet long can pack a punch of 400,000 pounds per linear foot of its crest.

Anne Packer packed a punch with Baked Beans.

At last - takeaway sandwiches with flavour that packs a punch!

For the first time in a long time, an Eddie Murphy movie packs a punch.

The paper is light; it doesn't pack a punch.

sb's strong suit

Politeness is not his strong suit .

strong language

The film contains strong language and violence.

The film has lots of violence, scenes of drug-taking, and strong language .

The following programme contains strong language , and some viewers may find it offensive.

Admiral Boyd opposed the idea in the strongest language I had ever heard him use.

In a press conference, Bush supporters used the strongest language so far to impugn the legitimacy of the continued Florida recounts.

It condemned racialism in the strongest language .

Jacobson said he would have preferred stronger language on limiting fats, cholesterol, sodium and sugar.

Jefferson never used stronger language than Carroll did against religion supPorted by law.

Northern church leaders used equally strong language about their southern counterparts.

The monitors of the People's Daily's main discussion group let this strong language remain on the website.

trump/best/strongest card

And perhaps it was time to play the trump card up his sleeve.

In the struggle for development, every economy has certain advantages or trump cards .

Parents must recognize that if a child does not want to do homework, the child holds the trump card .

That night, though, our sincerity was our trump card .

That was why Gorbachev wanted to negotiate-and that is why, in my opinion, President Reagan was holding the trump card .

The citizens of Hebron, by contrast, hold all the trump cards .

This was one of the trump cards of News International in its dispute with the print workers in 1986-87.

We had beaten him, but he played a final trump card .


a strong garlic taste

a strong president

After a week in bed I felt strong enough to try walking a few steps.

After full heat treatment, the alloy proved to be five times as strong as the pure aluminium.

America must maintain a strong national defense.

Dallas is a stronger team than Pittsburgh, in my opinion.

Degas had a strong influence on Toulouse-Lautrec's work.

Despite his strong constitution, his health was beginning to suffer.

Do you think the ladder is strong enough to support your weight?

Goat's cheese has a strong smell.

Goldsmith has very strong feelings about protecting the environment.

Her perfume is so strong - it makes me gag.

I don't think she's strong enough to handle the news.

I left the restaurant with rather a strong taste of onions in my mouth.

It took four strong men to lift the piano.

Midler was considered a strong candidate for the best actress nomination.

My brother is stronger than I am.

My father's over eighty now, and not very strong .

Only people who are physically strong and fit should consider coming on this expedition.


A sandy or silty bottom indicates slow currents whereas stones and gravel suggest that the current over the bed is quite strong .

Although strong leadership is typical of Great Groups, its form may vary.

But the writing and direction are strong enough to restrain him.

Some can be so strong that regardless of the consequences they compel action.

Such embryonic creatures needed stronger muscles, too, and a skin that was resistant to drying out.

These more primitive readings in sharar throw a particularly strong light on the occurrence of the institution narrative there.

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