Meaning of STRONG in English


adj. & adv.

--adj. (stronger; strongest)

1. having the power of resistance; able to withstand great force or opposition; not easily damaged or overcome (strong material; strong faith; a strong character).

2 (of a person's constitution) able to overcome, or not liable to, disease.

3 (of a person's nerves) proof against fright, irritation, etc.

4 (of a patient) restored to health.

5 (of a market) having steadily high or rising prices.

6 capable of exerting great force or of doing much; muscular, powerful.

7 forceful or powerful in effect (a strong wind; a strong protest).

8 decided or firmly held (a strong suspicion; strong views).

9 (of an argument etc.) convincing or striking.

10 powerfully affecting the senses or emotions (a strong light; strong acting).

11 powerful in terms of size or numbers or quality (a strong army).

12 capable of doing much when united (a strong combination).

13 formidable; likely to succeed (a strong candidate).

14 (of a solution or drink etc.) containing a large proportion of a substance in water or another solvent (strong tea).

15 Chem. (of an acid or base) fully ionized into cations and anions in aqueous solution.

16 (of a group) having a specified number (200 strong).

17 (of a voice) loud or penetrating.

18 (of food or its flavour) pungent.

19 (of a person's breath) ill-smelling.

20 (of a literary style) vivid and terse.

21 (of a measure) drastic.

22 Gram. in Germanic languages: a (of a verb) forming inflections by change of vowel within the stem rather than by the addition of a suffix (e.g. swim, swam). b (of a noun or adjective) belonging to a declension in which the stem originally ended otherwise than in -n (opp. WEAK 9).

--adv. strongly (the tide is running strong).

Phrases and idioms:

come it strong colloq. go to great lengths; use exaggeration. going strong colloq. continuing action vigorously; in good health or trim. strong-arm using force (strong-arm tactics). strong drink see DRINK. strong grade the stressed ablaut-form. strong interaction Physics interaction between certain elementary particles that is very strong but is effective only at short distances. strong language forceful language; swearing. strong meat a doctrine or action acceptable only to vigorous or instructed minds. strong-minded having determination. strong-mindedness determination. strong point

1. a thing at which one excels.

2 a specially fortified defensive position. strong stomach a stomach not easily affected by nausea.

strong suit

1. a suit at cards in which one can take tricks.

2 a thing at which one excels.


strongish adj. strongly adv.

Etymology: OE f. Gmc: cf. STRING

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