Meaning of STRONG in English


adj. 25B6; adjective

a strong lad : POWERFUL, muscular, brawny, powerfully built, strapping, sturdy, burly, meaty, robust, athletic, tough, rugged, lusty, strong as an ox/horse; informal beefy, hunky, husky; dated stalwart.

she isn't very strong : WELL, healthy, in good health, (fighting) fit, robust, vigorous, blooming, thriving, hale and hearty, in fine fettle; informal in the pink.

a strong character : FORCEFUL, determined, spirited, self-assertive, tough, tenacious, formidable, redoubtable, strong-minded; informal gutsy, feisty.

a strong fortress : SECURE, well built, indestructible, well fortified, well protected, impregnable, solid.

strong cotton bags : DURABLE, hard-wearing, heavy-duty, tough, sturdy, well made, long-lasting.

the current is very strong : FORCEFUL, powerful, vigorous, fierce, intense.

a strong interest in literature : KEEN, eager, passionate, fervent.

strong feelings : INTENSE, forceful, passionate, ardent, fervent, fervid, deep-seated; poetic/literary perfervid.

a strong supporter : KEEN, eager, enthusiastic, dedicated, staunch, loyal, steadfast.

strong arguments : COMPELLING, cogent, forceful, powerful, potent, weighty, convincing, sound, valid, well founded, persuasive, influential.

a need for strong action : FIRM, forceful, drastic, extreme.

she bore a very strong resemblance to Vera : MARKED, noticeable, pronounced, distinct, definite, unmistakable, notable.

a strong voice : LOUD, powerful, forceful, resonant, sonorous, rich, deep, booming.

strong language : BAD, foul, obscene, profane.

a strong blue colour : INTENSE, deep, rich, bright, brilliant, vivid.

strong lights : BRIGHT, brilliant, dazzling, glaring.

strong black coffee : CONCENTRATED, undiluted.

strong cheese : HIGHLY FLAVOURED, flavourful, flavoursome; piquant, tangy, spicy.

strong drink : ALCOHOLIC, intoxicating, hard, stiff; formal spirituous.

weak, gentle, mild.

Concise Oxford thesaurus English vocabulary.      Краткий оксфордский словарь английского языка тезаурус.