Meaning of THIN in English


I. adjective


not thick, heavy, or broad (as in configuration or physique)

a thin body

Synonyms: attenuate, reedy, slender, slight, slim, squinny, stalky, tenuous, twiggy; compare lean

Related Word: lank, lanky, lathy, lean, macilent, spare; cadaverous, gaunt, pinched, skeletal, wasted; meager, puny, small, twiglike

Contrasted words: broad, wide; compact, dense, solid; heavy, massive; corpulent, fat, obese

Antonyms: thick


characterized by wide separation of component particles

thin air at high altitudes

Synonyms: attenuate, attenuated, rare, rarefied, subtile, subtle, tenuous

Related Word: diffuse, diluted, dispersed; fine, refined

Contrasted words: heavy, thick

Antonyms: dense


Synonyms: dilute , diluted, washy, watered-down, waterish, watery, weak


Synonyms: acute 4, argute, high, piercing, piping, sharp, shrill, treble

Related Word: high-pitched

Contrasted words: low, low-pitched; guttural; deep


Synonyms: implausible , flimsy, improbable, inconceivable, incredible, thick, unbelievable, unconvincing, unsubstantial, weak

Related Word: vapid; transparent; questionable; untenable

Idioms: a bit thin

Contrasted words: believable, convincing, sound, substantial

II. verb


to make thin or thinner

a once powerful frame thinned by privation

Synonyms: attenuate, extenuate, wiredraw

Related Word: diminish, reduce; weaken

Contrasted words: broaden, enlarge; strengthen

Antonyms: thicken


to make or become less dense

the air thinned at high altitudes

Synonyms: attenuate, rarefy

Antonyms: densify


Synonyms: dilute , cut, weaken

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