Meaning of THIN in English


[thin] adj thin.ner ; thin.nest [ME thinne, fr. OE thynne; akin to OHG dunni thin, L tenuis thin, tenere to hold, tendere to stretch, Gk teinein] (bef. 12c) 1 a: having little extent from one surface to its opposite "~ paper" b: measuring little in cross section or diameter "~ rope"

2: not dense in arrangement or distribution "~ hair"

3: not well fleshed: lean

4. a: more fluid or rarefied than normal "~ air" b: having less than the usual number: scanty "~ attendance" c: few in number: scarce d: scantily supplied e: characterized by a paucity of bids or offerings "a ~ market"

5. a: lacking substance or strength "~ broth" "a ~ plot" b of a soil: infertile, poor

6. a: flimsy, unconvincing "a ~ disguise" b: disappointingly poor or hard "had a ~ time of it" 7: somewhat feeble, shrill, and lacking in resonance "a ~ voice" 8: lacking in intensity or brilliance "~ light" 9: lacking sufficient photographic density or contrast -- adv -- thin.ness n -- thin.nish adj syn thin, slender, slim, slight, tenuous mean not thick, broad, abundant, or dense. thin implies comparatively little extension between surfaces or in diameter, or it may imply lack of substance, richness, or abundance "thin wire" "a thin soup". slender implies leanness or spareness often with grace and good proportion "the slender legs of a Sheraton chair". slim applies to slenderness that suggests fragility or scantiness "a slim volume of poetry" "a slim chance". slight implies smallness as well as thinness "a slight build". tenuous implies extreme thinness, sheerness, or lack of substance and firmness "a tenuous thread".

[2]thin vb thinned ; thin.ning vt (bef. 12c): to make thin or thinner: a: to reduce in thickness or depth: attenuate b: to make less dense or viscous c: dilute, weaken d: to cause to lose flesh "thinned by weeks of privation" e: to reduce in number or bulk ~ vi 1: to become thin or thinner

2: to become weak [3]thin adv thin.ner ; thin.nest (13c): in a thin manner: thinly--used esp. in combinations "thin-clad" "thin-flowing"

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