Meaning of BALANCE in English

n. Function: noun

1 the stability resulting from the equalization of opposing forces FF1C; keeping his emotional balance when under stress FF1E;

Synonyms: counterpoise, equilibrium, equipoise, poise, stasis

Related Words: collectedness, composure, cool, coolness, coolth, equanimity, repose, sangfroid; aplomb, assurance, self-assurance, self-possession; control, self-control, stability, steadiness; stagnancy, stagnation

Contrasted Words: imbalance, unbalance; instability, nervousness, shakiness, uncontrol, unsteadiness


Synonyms: SYMMETRY , harmony, proportion

Related Words: congruity, consistency, correspondence, sameness

Contrasted Words: disbalance, disharmony, disproportion, incongruity, inconsistency, irregularity, overbalance, unbalance

Antonyms: imbalance


Synonyms: REMAINDER , heel, leavings, remains, remanet, remnant, residual, residue, residuum, rest

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