Meaning of LOOK in English

n. Function: verb

1 to make sure or take care (that something is or is not done) FF1C; look that you accuse no one unjustly FF1E;

Synonyms: mind, see, watch

Related Words: attend, heed, tend; note, notice, observe; beware


Synonyms: SEE 2, ||dekko, watch

Related Words: note, notice, observe, spot

Idioms: get a load of, take a gander at


Synonyms: EXPECT 1, await, count (on or upon), hope

Related Words: divine, forecast, foretell

Antonyms: despair (of)

4 to make apparent by the expression of the eyes or countenance FF1C; looked her annoyance at this interruption FF1E;

Synonyms: exhibit, show; compare SHOW 2

Related Words: display, express, indicate, manifest


Synonyms: SEEM , appear, sound

Idioms: strike one as


Synonyms: FACE 1, front

7 to gaze in wonder or surprise FF1C; you should have seen them look FF1E;

Synonyms: eye, gape, ||gaup ( or gawp), gaze, goggle, ogle, rubberneck, stare; compare GAZE 1

Related Words: gawk; glare, gloat, glower; peer


Synonyms: TEND 1, incline, lean

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