Meaning of SHAKE in English


n. Function: verb

1 to move irregularly to and fro or up and down often in a wavering or oscillating manner FF1C; was so frightened that her hands shook FF1E;

Synonyms: ||didder, dither, quake, quaver, quiver, shiver, shudder, tremble, tremor, twitter

Related Words: palpitate, quail, waver; flicker, flit, flitter, flutter; fluctuate, oscillate; chatter, shimmy, vibrate

Idioms: shake like an aspen leaf

2 to undergo strong vibration especially as the result of a physical blow or shock FF1C; the platform shook as the train passed FF1E;

Synonyms: jar, quake, tremble, tremor, vibrate

Related Words: bounce, jounce; chatter, quiver, shimmy; rock, stagger

3 to cause to move in a quick, jerky manner FF1C; rattling and shaking the latch FF1E;

Synonyms: jiggle, joggle

Related Words: bounce, ||chounse, jounce; jostle; rattle; jerk

4 to cause to move to and fro or up and down violently FF1C; an earthquake that shook the whole coast FF1E;

Synonyms: agitate, concuss, convulse, rock

Related Words: jog, jostle, rattle, ||shog; commove, discompose, disorder, jar, jolt, unsettle; disquiet, disturb, perturb, upset; churn, roil, ruffle, stir up, whip

5 to get or keep away from (a pursuer) FF1C; tried unsuccessfully to shake the man tailing him FF1E;

Synonyms: lose, slip, throw off; compare ESCAPE 2

Related Words: avoid, elude; outwit

Idioms: get rid of, give (someone) the shake ( or slip), slip from under the eye of


Synonyms: DISMAY 1, appall, consternate, daunt, horrify

Related Words: disturb, jar, rattle, unsettle, upset; bother, worry; unnerve, unstring

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