Meaning of SHAKE in English


I. verb


a trembling/shaking voice (= a voice that shakes because someone is very nervous or frightened )

He stood up and began to speak in a trembling voice.

an explosion shakes sth

A series of explosions shook the building.

badly shaken (= be very upset or frightened )

Both boys were badly shaken by the incident.

be shaking with anger

My aunt was shaking with anger as she left the room.

be shaking with nerves (= to be extremely nervous )

Just before the audition he was shaking with nerves.

dent/shake sb’s confidence (= make it less strong )

A bad experience like that can dent your confidence.

give sth a shake/rattle/tug etc

She picked up the envelope and gave it a shake.

milk shake

sb's hands shake/tremble

His hands trembled as he lifted the cup.

sb’s shoulders shake (= because they are crying or laughing )

His shoulders were shaking and tears of laughter were running down his face.

sb’s voice trembles/shakes (= sounds unsteady )

His voice shook with anger.

shake sb awake

Ben shook me awake and told me the news.

shake sb’s confidence (= make them have less confidence )

The stock market fall has shaken the confidence of investors.

shake sb’s hand ( also shake hands with sb )

‘Nice to meet you,’ he said, as they shook hands.

shake with laughter

They were shaking with laughter and couldn't even speak.

shake your head (= move it from side to side, especially to show disagreement )

‘It’s too much,’ he said, shaking his head.

shaken/shocked/thrilled to the core

When I heard the news, I was shaken to the core.

shake/rub/wipe etc sth dry

He wiped his hands dry with a handkerchief.

shake/tremble with fear

He was shaking with fear after being held at gunpoint.

shake/tremble with rage

His wife was shaking with rage.

shaking with fury

I was shaking with fury .


Dooley stood up and shook his fist in her face.


The earthquake shook the foundations of the house.

tremble/shiver/shake etc violently

I was still trembling violently.

visibly shaken/shocked/upset etc

She was visibly shaken by the news.




Stephen saw that Douglas's hands were now shaking badly as he rubbed his face.

He was badly shaken and needed nine stitches in a head injury.

She had been badly shaken up and obviously distressed by the experience.

She had been crying, and was still shaking badly .

July 1944, failed although he was injured and undoubtedly badly shaken .

I was badly shaken by that pact.

An Arab ambassador said he was bruised, looked badly shaken and needed at least two weeks to recover.


The industry is desperate to shake off the allegation that the chocolate sold in the West may be tainted by slave labour.

Add a few veal shanks at a time and coat well with flour, shaking off any excess. 2.

The grip of neoclassicism seems finally to have been shaken off .

Yet they could not shake off the idea of an adoption, and finally succumbed.

To shake off my depression I thought I would get myself something light to read on the train.

Mom shook off my help and tried the knapsack once again.

Nor did Dorothy quickly shake off a sense of their improbable good fortune.

Dredge rabbit pieces in flour, shaking off excess.


They are the men and women who start vibrant new companies, turn around failing companies, and shake up staid ones.

She wakes up shaking in anticipation of being eaten alive.

She had been badly shaken up and obviously distressed by the experience.

He tried to shake up the race by resigning his Senate seat and shedding his tie.

The 43-year-old millionaire has been brought in to shake up Central Office.

I was already well-known in classical circles, but this shook up the young generation and made them conscious.

She believes some people will vote Labour to shake up the Conservatives and make them reconsider their policies.

At least something shook up the hall.


After his Bolton wandering had turned into a rout, some of his staff were visibly shaken .

As he spoke he was still visibly shaken: I let her have it.

He was visibly shaken and seemed genuinely surprised that Charlton was dead.

Wayne Gretzky, visibly shaken , skated over to check on his wife during a 10-minute delay in the game.

When Quinn put down the phone, it was the first time Sam had seen him appear visibly shaken .



Such an examination could shake some of the confidence that built in 1995.


I watch a white Lamborghini Countach trundle past on the street outside and shake my head in disbelief .

He took a step back and shook his head in disbelief .

She shakes her head with disbelief and that famous face blushes scarlet once more.

At times, I could see Father watching from the window, shaking his head in disbelief .

Helen was speechless, and could only shake her head in disbelief .


It is suggested that merely shaking one's fist at another should not be treated as amounting to threats of violence.

Better to leave your audience wailing in the dark, shaking their fists , some crying How?, others why?

Eighteen years and 110 Tests later he bowed out, with Nemesis unable to resist shaking her fist at him.

Then he spoke roughly once more, shoved the teeth deeper into his pocket and shook his fist at her.

Asshe shook his fist , and advanced threateningly.

Cars honked, brakes screeched, and drivers cursed, shaking fists and pointing digits.

Follow me round muttering and shaking their fists .

In the midst of all this I let go of one handful of weed to shake my fist at him.


Came like a sudden gust of wind, banging doors in him, shaking him to his foundations .

The money economy shook the foundations of a society composed mainly of lords and peasants.

The thunder seemed to shake the foundations of the building.

Yet even as the competition fades into the history books, something also seems to be shaking the foundations of capitalism.


Zenor, his hands shaking , also got Bruins forward Adam Oates to give him an autograph.

Tony noticed that her hands were shaking .

My hands shook as I slowly ran the razor over my face, cutting through the cream in even swaths.

As Lisa laid down the phone her hand was shaking .

She fumbles with the papers, and it looks like her hands are shaking .

Some one was pulling at her clothes, a hand shook her shoulder, and then a thumb rolled back her eyelid.

His hands were shaking slightly but he found himself calm.


Zeno's head shook with fury as he sucked her and bruised her.

I nodded my head yes, shook it no, shrugged, and, I suppose, looked generally baffled and stupid.

Fade on two heads , shaking .

I shake my head as I shake his hand.

I wanted to grab my head and shake the cement out of it.

Rupert threw back his head , shook his black hair and laughed.

Harding, says, bows his head , and shakes hands with McMurphy.


Her shoulders shook with laughter , her alabaster cheeks flushed with warmth.

Cameron was shaking with laughter , looking on and making no move to help.

Rows and rows of streetlights shaking with laughter .


But Bobbie couldn't move because her legs were shaking too much.

My legs had begun to shake .

He could feel his legs shaking under him.

My hunger became so great my legs shook .

Her legs were shaking , and she couldn't forget about that confrontation with Julius.

Her mouth went dry, her heart raced, and her legs shook .

Four or five can jar your legs badly and shake your guts up into a momentary dysentery if you land wrong.


His shoulders shook , and Jean was certain that he was weeping.

Varney had been chuckling about something, his shoulders shaking .

He was sitting on the floor among the cracker wrappings and the crumbs, his shoulders shaking , his eyes tight shut.

Then she was trembling, her shoulders shaking as she began to cry.

When he returned he thought Benedicta was crying, her shoulders were shaking so.

His shoulders were shaking , and tears were scrambling down his crumpled cheeks like lemmings.

He stood quite still, shoulders shaking , tears coursing along the freckles.

Again I cried, my shoulders shaking , producing more fluid than I believed possible.


His voice is shaken by the tumult of his feelings ... Outside some one touches you ... with a light greeting.

Afraid to trust her voice , Marge simply shook her head.

She was angry, yes, but why was her voice shaking like this?

In a voice that shook in spite of her efforts to control it, she asked if she could see Mrs Blessington-Dalrymple.

He stepped forward and advanced slowly up the ramp, still singing in that voice which shook the rafters.



They began to shake , for this was too close to hell-fire and witchcraft.

The wind, which had only shrieked in the trees, began to roar and shake the buildings.

She began to shake with reaction as soon as it was done.

My legs had begun to shake .

Jessamy's knees had immediately begun to shake , and she had wheeled round and run out.

A butterfly pupa, hanging from a twig, begins to shake .

Teravainen began shaking his head, but said nothing.


He spun round with both arms extended, and started to shake his hands vigorously.

Lleland and Edelstein started shaking their heads.

For example, if a Gallup poll goes against the Government, sterling starts to shake .

J., two old government buildings suddenly started shaking .

When your outer thigh starts to shake or hurt, stop.

Remember, if the ground starts shaking , get out of reach of any-thing that can fall on you.

It wells up her perfectly tanned throat and finally she starts to shake , honey blonde hair cascading over slim shoulders.

If I am alone in a room, I get so frightened I start to shake .


be no great shakes

The food we got there was no great shakes.

At school I was no great shakes at it, or anything.

Secondly, and crucially, Professor Griff is no great shakes as a rapper.

give sb/get a fair shake

Q.. Do you think the press has given you a fair shake?

shake/rock the foundations of sth

The money economy shook the foundations of a society composed mainly of lords and peasants.

The thunder seemed to shake the foundations of the building.

Yet even as the competition fades into the history books, something also seems to be shaking the foundations of capitalism.


"Women drivers!" the truck driver yelled, shaking his fist at me.

Shake the bottle well to mix all the ingredients together.

Brad got up and shook his legs to get all the grass off.

Coat the chicken pieces in flour and shake off any excess.

Ed was playing his music so loud that the whole house shook.

His hand shook as he signed the paper.

I can't seem to shake off this cold.

Mom shook her head. "You can't go out again at this time of night."

My hands were shaking so much I could hardly write my name on the exam paper.

Never shake a baby.

News of the accident shook the tiny farming community.

Parker hopes to shake his image as a dull, unimaginative politician.

She shook her long blonde hair.

She shook the blanket to get rid of all the dust.

Suddenly the ground beneath my feet began to shake .

The car slowed down, shook for a moment and then stopped.

The huge explosion shook houses up to five miles away.

The others were all shaking with laughter.

They raced around corners and down dark alleys, trying to shake the police.


But this was self-pity, to which he had never been addicted, and he must shake it off at all costs.

He shook the rain from his overcoat and cap and proceeded to undo his boots.

Once they reached the ground they shook their wings violently, until they fell off.

She shook her head, pretending a half-bewilder-ment.

She shook her head, tugging the hairbrush vigorously through her tangled auburn locks.

The hostile tone of Gioella's last comment shook her.

Theda was shaking, a river of ice at her back.

When he went he shook my hand.

II. noun




Q.. Do you think the press has given you a fair shake ?


I get hold of her shoulders and give her a good shake .

Give both jars a good shake and repeat the shake periodically.

Body positions, lineout techniques, defensive alignments, all need a good shake down.

Give them a good shake , in case an interesting piece of paper has been used as a bookmark.

Do this the day before you intend to fish, and give them a good shake every time you walk past them.


At school I was no great shakes at it, or anything.

No great shakes in story or gags, but fun throughout.

Secondly, and crucially, Professor Griff is no great shakes as a rapper.

I hadn't been any great shakes at boxing, but I'd thought as a young man that I might be.

It is very simply made and no great shakes as a piece of cinema.



It was not until she stood up to shake hands that Julia saw that she was pregnant.

When Jefferson defeated Adams for the presidency, Adams left town before the inauguration rather than shake hands with him.

Anna and William stand and shake hands formally Well, it was nice to meet you.

One time after a close loss, I told him I felt lousy and I didn't want to go shake hands .

Ma and Father shake hands with everyone and look as if they are having a wonderful time.

Eventually she literally dragged him up to shake hands .

McCready did not embrace or even shake hands .


They are vital for cleaning machinery tubes and spouts from vending machines and milk shake dispensers to full blown process machinery.



He said he's still got the shakes almost 2 years later.

He said she acted erratic, got the shakes one evening and almost had a nervous breakdown.

I fantasise about him and get the shakes when he's in the room.


But as she opened her mouth to suggest it, she gave herself a mental shake .

Q.. Do you think the press has given you a fair shake ?

At first light I gave Taff a shake and presented him with a mug of tea.

Tia Carmen reached out and gave his arm a shake .

She got out of the bath and gave herself a mental shake as she quickly towelled herself dry.

It gives her the shakes and ruins her concentration.

She gave herself a little shake .

The man and woman were giving it a shake and preparing to fold it.


At 4 a. m., he drinks a protein shake with four more dietary supplements and six amino acids.

At first light I gave Taff a shake and presented him with a mug of tea.

For those who know nothing of the quick-step, the shake or the twist, there is a late night disco.

Got ta love the pineapple shake too.

He picked up the envelope and gave it a bit of a shake .

She dropped the pillow back into place and gave herself a shake .

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