Meaning of GAS in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ gæs ]

( gases, gasses, gassing, gassed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.

Note: The form 'gases' is the plural of the noun. The form 'gasses' is the third person singular of the verb.


Gas is a substance like air that is neither liquid nor solid and burns easily. It is used as a fuel for cooking and heating.

Coal is actually cheaper than gas...

Shell signed a contract to develop oil and gas reserves near Archangel.



A gas is any substance that is neither liquid nor solid, for example oxygen or hydrogen.

Helium is a very light gas.

...a huge cloud of gas and dust from the volcanic eruption.



Gas is a poisonous gas that can be used as a weapon.

...mustard gas...

The problem was that the exhaust gases contain many toxins.



Gas is a gas used for medical purposes, for example to make patients feel less pain or go to sleep during an operation. ( INFORMAL ) anaesthetic gas used by many dentists.



Gas is the fuel which is used to drive motor vehicles. ( AM; in BRIT, use petrol )

...a tank of gas.

...gas stations.

= gasoline



To gas a person or animal means to kill them by making them breathe poisonous gas.

Her husband ran a pipe from her car exhaust to the bedroom in an attempt to gas her.

VERB : V n


see also gas chamber , gas mask , greenhouse gas , laughing gas , natural gas , tear gas


If you step on the gas when you are driving a vehicle, you go faster. ( mainly AM INFORMAL; in BRIT, use step on it )

PHRASE : V inflects

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