Meaning of GAS in English


■ noun ( plural ~es or chiefly US ~ses )

1》 an air-like fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity.

↘ Physics a substance of this type that cannot be liquefied by pressure alone. Compare with vapour .

↘a flammable ~ used as a fuel.

↘ Mining an explosive mixture of firedamp (methane) with air.

2》 a ~eous anaesthetic such as nitrous oxide, used in dentistry.

3》 N. Amer. flatulence.

4》 N. Amer. informal ~oline; petrol.

5》 ( a ~ ) informal an entertaining or amusing person or thing.

■ verb ( ~es , ~sing , ~sed )

1》 kill or harm by exposure to ~.

↘(of a storage battery or dry cell) give off ~.

2》 informal talk idly; chatter.

3》 N. Amer. informal fill the tank of (a motor vehicle) with petrol.


~ification noun

~ify verb ( ~ifies , ~ifying , ~ified ).

~ser noun


C17: invented by the Belgian chemist J. B. van Helmont to denote an occult principle which he believed to exist in all matter; suggested by Gk khaos 'chaos'.

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