Meaning of GAS in English

I. gas 1 S1 W2 /ɡæs/ BrE AmE noun ( plural gases or gasses )

[ Sense 1-3, 6-9: Date: 1600-1700 ; Language: Modern Latin ; Origin: Greek khaos 'empty space' ; ⇨ ↑ chaos ]

[ Sense 4-5: Date: 1900-2000 ; Origin: gasoline ]

1 . [uncountable and countable] a substance such as air, which is not solid or liquid, and usually cannot be seen:

hydrogen gas

toxic/poisonous/noxious gases

a cloud of toxic gas

a gas cylinder/bottle (=for storing gas) ⇨ ↑ greenhouse gas

2 . [uncountable] a clear substance like air that is burned for heating or cooking

gas cooker/stove/oven

Can you light the gas for me?

The explosion was caused by a gas leak from the water heater.

3 . gas mark 4/5/6 etc British English a measurement of the temperature of a gas ↑ oven

4 . [uncountable] American English ( also gasoline ) a liquid made from ↑ petroleum , used mainly for producing power in the engines of cars, trucks etc SYN petrol British English :

I probably spend over $200 a month on gas.

The mechanic found a hole in the gas tank.

5 . the gas American English the gas ↑ pedal of a car SYN accelerator :

We stepped on the gas (=pushed down the gas pedal and made the car go faster) and sped away.

6 . [uncountable] a clear substance like air that is used for medical reasons, for example to make people feel less pain or make them sleep during an operation:

an anaesthetic gas

⇨ ↑ laughing gas

7 . [uncountable] a type of gas used as a weapon, because it harms or kills people when they breathe it in:

mustard gas

⇨ ↑ nerve gas , ↑ poison gas , ↑ tear gas

8 . [uncountable] American English informal the condition of having a lot of air in your stomach SYN wind British English

9 . a gas American English old-fashioned spoken something that is fun and makes you laugh a lot

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COLLOCATIONS (for Meanings 1 & 2)


▪ natural gas (=gas used for cooking and heating, taken from under the earth or from under the sea)

The main part of natural gas is methane.

▪ a poisonous/toxic gas

Carbon monoxide is the main poisonous gas in car exhaust.

▪ a noxious gas (=a harmful or poisonous gas)

A noxious gas was discovered to be leaking from the pipe.

▪ a greenhouse gas (=a gas, especially carbon monoxide or methane, that is thought to trap heat above the earth and cause the Earth's surface to become warmer)

We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

▪ nerve gas (=a poisonous gas used in war to kill or paralyse people)

Troops were exposed to low levels of nerve gas during the conflict.

▪ tear gas (=a gas that stings your eyes, used by the police to control crowds)

Police using tear gas had clashed with protestors.

■ gas + NOUN

▪ a gas cooker/oven/stove

Gas cookers are more efficient than electric ones.

▪ a gas fire (=an object that burns gas to heat a room)

She turned on the gas fire.

▪ a gas cylinder (=a large container for gas)

One of the gas cylinders exploded.

▪ a gas bottle (=a small container for gas)

The gas bottles need to be stored in a safe place.

▪ a gas leak (=an escape of gas through a hole in something)

If you suspect a gas leak, do not strike a match or even turn on an electric light.

▪ a gas supply (=a system for supplying gas to someone's house)

The engineers had quite a challenge to install the new gas supply.

▪ gas reserves (=a supply of gas kept to be used when it is needed)

Norway has far greater gas reserves than the UK.

▪ a gas pipeline

The Chinese and Russian governments are cooperating in gas pipeline projects.

▪ a gas bill (=a bill you have to pay for gas you have used)

Household gas bills have increased dramatically.

▪ gas production

The company expanded its gas production facilities.

▪ the gas industry

There are plans to nationalize the country's gas industry.

II. gas 2 BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle gassed , present participle gassing )

1 . [transitive] to poison or kill someone with gas

2 . [intransitive] British English informal to talk for a long time about unimportant or boring things SYN chat :

They were just gassing away.

gas up phrasal verb American English

to put petrol in a car:

We’d better gas up before we go.

gas something ↔ up

George gassed up the car.

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