Meaning of SOUND in English




( sounds, sounding, sounded)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.

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A sound is something that you hear.

Peter heard the sound of gunfire...

Liza was so frightened she couldn’t make a sound...

There was a splintering sound as the railing gave way.

...the sounds of children playing.



Sound is energy that travels in waves through air, water, or other substances, and can be heard.

The aeroplane will travel at twice the speed of sound.



The sound on a television, radio, or CD player is what you hear coming from the machine. Its loudness can be controlled.

She went and turned the sound down...

Compact discs have brought about a vast improvement in recorded sound quality.

N-SING : the N


A singer’s or band’s sound is the distinctive quality of their music.

He’s got a unique sound and a unique style.

N-COUNT : with supp


If something such as a horn or a bell sounds or if you sound it, it makes a noise.

The buzzer sounded in Daniel’s office...

A young man sounds the bell to start the Sunday service.

VERB : V , V n


If you sound a warning, you publicly give it. If you sound a note of caution or optimism, you say publicly that you are cautious or optimistic.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has sounded a warning to Europe’s leaders on third world debt...

VERB : V n


When you are describing a noise, you can talk about the way it sounds .

They heard what sounded like a huge explosion...

The creaking of the hinges sounded very loud in that silence...

It sounded as if he were trying to say something.

V-LINK : V like n , V adj , V as if


When you talk about the way someone sounds , you are describing the impression you have of them when they speak.

She sounded a bit worried...

Murphy sounds like a child...

She sounded as if she really cared...

I thought she sounded a genuinely caring and helpful person.

V-LINK : V adj , V like n , V as if , V n


When you are describing your impression or opinion of something you have heard about or read about, you can talk about the way it sounds .

It sounds like a wonderful idea to me, does it really work?...

It sounds as if they might have made a dreadful mistake...

She decided that her doctor’s advice sounded pretty good...

The book is not as morbid as it sounds...

I know this sounds a crazy thing for me to ask you.

V-LINK : V like n , V as if , V adj , V adj , V n


You can describe your impression of something you have heard about or read about by talking about the sound of it.

Here’s a new idea we liked the sound of...

From the sound of things, he might well be the same man...

N-SING : the N of n


see also -sounding , sounding


to sound the alarm: see alarm

to sound the death knell: see death knell

safe and sound: see safe



( sounder, soundest)


If a structure, part of someone’s body, or someone’s mind is sound , it is in good condition or healthy.

When we bought the house, it was structurally sound...

Although the car is basically sound, I was worried about certain areas...

ADJ : usu v-link ADJ , oft adv ADJ


Sound advice, reasoning, or evidence is reliable and sensible.

They are trained nutritionists who can give sound advice on diets...

Buy a policy only from an insurance company that is financially sound...

His reasoning is perfectly sound, but he misses the point...



If you describe someone’s ideas as sound , you mean that you approve of them and think they are correct.

I am not sure that this is sound democratic practice...

I think the idea of secularism is a very sound one...

ADJ [ approval ]


If someone is in a sound sleep, they are sleeping very deeply.

She had woken me out of a sound sleep.


Sound is also an adverb.

He was lying in bed, sound asleep.

ADV : ADV adj


see also soundly

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