Meaning of FOOTING in English



If something is put on a particular ~, it is defined, established, or changed in a particular way, often so that it is able to develop or exist successfully.

The new law will put official corruption on the same legal ~ as treason.

= basis

N-UNCOUNT: with supp, usu on N


If you are on a particular kind of ~ with someone, you have that kind of relationship with them.

They decided to put their relationship on a more formal ~...

They are now trying to compete on an equal ~.

= basis

N-UNCOUNT: with supp, usu on N


If a country or armed force is on a war ~, it is ready to fight a war.

The president placed the republic on a war ~.

PHRASE: v-link PHR, PHR after v


You refer to your ~ when you are referring to your position and how securely your feet are placed on the ground. For example, if you lose your ~, your feet slip and you fall.

He was cautious of his ~, wary of the edge...

He lost his ~ and slid into the water.


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