Meaning of FOOTING in English


ˈfu̇d.]iŋ, -u̇t], ]ēŋ\ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English foting, footing, from fot, foot + -ing

1. : a stable position of the feet : a surface or its condition with respect to one walking or running on it

the loose stones made the footing treacherous

specifically : the condition of a racetrack

2. : the placing of the feet so as to ensure stability

be careful of your footing up here

: ability to keep a grip with the feet on a surface so as to stay upright or move steadily forward

lost her footing and tumbled down the slope

3. : footling


a. : a place or space for standing : basis for operations : foothold

a deliberate act of policy … in order to stake a claim for a footing in Morocco — Wickham Steed

b. : established position : status

finally achieved a footing at court

placing the children of a former marriage on the same footing , with regard to inheritance — Encyc. Americana

c. archaic : payment exacted informally for entering upon a new status in a trade or profession : an initiation fee — used chiefly in the phrase pay one's footing

5. : basis

negotiating on a new footing of mutual trust

put the enterprise on a firm footing

when the nation is on a war footing — Zechariah Chafee

6. : social relationship : terms of social intercourse

tribes that are on a friendly footing — Edward Sapir

throwing our ideals overboard and meeting saints and dictators on the same footing — New Statesman and Nation


a. : the substructure or bottom unit of a wall or column : base

b. : the part of a structure that is in contact with the soil or rock foundation

c. : an enlargement at the lower end of a foundation wall, pier, or column to distribute the load


a. : the straight side of an edging lace

b. : a very narrow lace or net used as an insertion, edging, or trimming

9. : a piece of hardwood inserted into an arrow shaft and projecting into the pile

10. : the amount or sum total of a column of figures

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.