Meaning of RECALL in English



Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.


When you ~ something, you remember it and tell others about it.

Henderson ~ed that he first met Pollard during a business trip to Washington...

Her teacher ~ed: ‘She was always on about modelling.’...

Colleagues today ~ with humor how meetings would crawl into the early morning hours...

I ~ed the way they had been dancing together...

I have no idea what she said, something about airline travel, I seem to ~.

VERB: V that, V with quote, V wh, V n, V, also V -ing


Recall is the ability to remember something that has happened in the past or the act of remembering it.

He had a good memory, and total ~ of her spoken words.



If you are ~ed to your home, country, or the place where you work, you are ordered to return there.

Spain has ~ed its Ambassador after a row over refugees seeking asylum at the embassy...


Recall is also a noun.

The ~ of ambassador Alan Green was a public signal of America’s concern.

N-SING: the N of n


In sport, if a player is ~ed to a team, he or she is included in that team again after being left out.

Dean Richards was ~ed to the England squad for the match with Wales...

VERB: V n to n

Recall is also a noun.

It would be great to get a ~ to the England squad for Sweden.



If a company ~s a product, it asks the shops or the people who have bought that product to return it because there is something wrong with it.

The company said it was ~ing one of its drugs...


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