Meaning of RECALL in English


I. verb




There is a sense of anticipatory disillusion among those who recall how the high hopes of 1986 were dashed.

Schiff said he could not recall how the panel settled on the $ 300, 000 figure.

Mr Cunningham was supporting Arsenal on that day, and vividly recalled how excited he became during the match.

Colton recalled how the proponents took their idea to the state historical commission in 1987 and received approval for the marker.

I can't even recall how I ended up with Derek - if that was his real name.

With a sigh of relief he recalled how lucky he was on the night he disposed of the clothes in the skip.

He stayed immobile, trying desperately to identify where he was and to recall how he had got there.

I can look back with pride on recalling how well I had adapted myself to this trade, and all aspects involved.


She sang Schubert's song Erlkonig in a way I can still recall .

A quarter of a century later he still recalled the incident.

Many Conservatives still recalled the disarray into which the Macmillan administration had plunged after its striking election victory in 1959.

Williams said, still recalling his awe at being in the presence of star dancers like Truitte.

I still recall the day John Kennedy died.

This made a strong impression on Carter, who still recalled the results in his letter to me two decades later.

Becky could still recall that first meeting clearly.

See, I still recall your habits.


I vividly recall attending a rehearsal in Salzburg at Whitsuntide 1977.

She vividly recalled the flinch Philippe registered when she asked him what a severance package for Manion might cost.

I have attended more debates on these matters than any other hon. Member and I vividly recall many of them.

We've done this once or twice before, as I vividly recall .

One moment which I recall vividly illuminates the problematic position in which I had placed myself.

I vividly recall meeting the young man in 1979 for the first time.

Mr Cunningham was supporting Arsenal on that day, and vividly recalled how excited he became during the match.

The danger, the boredom, the ever-present discipline along with the exhilaration of aviation training are all vividly recalled .


"I didn't like him very much," Kev recalled. "He was arrogant."

a style of film-making that recalls Alfred Hitchcock

As a child, she recalled, her parents had seemed very happy together.

David recalled an incident that took place in the family home some 12 years previously.

He didn't like to recall what a disaster his business venture had been.

Howard sighed. He could not recall ever being this tired before.

I recall that on at least one occasion I saw him taking money from the office.

Over 10,000 of the faulty irons had to be recalled from store shelves.

The company voluntarily recalled about 11,000 of the devices to check them for defects.

The meeting went very well, as I recall .

Thousands of car baby-seats have had to be recalled after a fault was discovered in the safety harness.


About 30 ambassadors were recalled to Moscow to explain their conduct in the coup.

All the same, it was difficult to recall the legend exactly.

As he later recalled, it was a damp, cold day.

For example, recall that in Euclidean geometry the sum of the angles of any triangle is always 1800.

Opposition is seen as traumatic, a frightening situation because it recalls the violence of Mecca before the triumph of the One.

She recalls few low points in the four years since going public and has never regretted that decision.

The visitors recall medium pacer Martin Howie after completing a college course and Paul Johnson also returns.

II. noun




Neville's total recall could not totally recall any.

From the age of six onward, Vologsky had been able to apply almost total recall to figures of any sort.

But I possessed that night an almost total recall of physical sensations.

You could wake up tomorrow with total recall .


Dinali has a brilliant mind, with almost total recall of what she has read.

Even in old age, his powers of recall were astonishing.

Families were overjoyed to hear about the recall of Allied seamen to their own countries.

In advanced cases of the disease, there is a very rapid loss of recall and a decay of memory.

They put a notice in the press ordering the recall of all the baby food that might have been contaminated.


As Kennedy said throughout the recall campaign, water rates had to be increased to finance needed improvements in the system.

Exhaustivity of indexing has some impact on recall and precision.

In addition to simple rage over the hike in water bills, other issues fueled the recall movement.

In the second section the recall results are reported and relationships between risk and recall are analysed.

Our results pertain to a sample of 101 subjects, in many of whom the birth weight was obtained by maternal recall .

That would be the fourth recall in five years.

Thousands of dangerous Candy machines are still in use despite a recall by the manufacturers.

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