Meaning of RECALL in English


v. 1 remember, recollect, think back to, reminisce over or about, call to mind I like to recall the happy days we had at Biarritz 2 withdraw, retract, call back, summon The legions guarding the frontier provinces were recalled to Rome 3 rescind, cancel, annul, nullify, retract, withdraw, revoke, recant, take back, call back; disavow, disown, deny Despite the fact that you might have been hasty, you cannot recall your promise

n. 4 memory, recollection, remembering, remembrance He had a loving and near-photographic recall of their holiday in the Alps 5 withdrawal, recantation, cancellation, revocation, annulment, nullification, recision, rescission, retraction, repeal, disavowal, denial The decision was made without any possibility of recall 6 withdrawal, retraction, return The manufacturer's recall of the shipment of defective toasters was voluntary

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