Meaning of SORT in English

(~s, ~ing, ~ed)

Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.


If you talk about a particular ~ of something, you are talking about a class of things that have particular features in common and that belong to a larger group of related things.

What ~ of school did you go to?...

There are so many different ~s of mushrooms available these days...

He had a nice, serious ~ of smile...

That’s just the ~ of abuse that he will be investigating...

Eddie was playing a game of some ~...

= type, kind

N-COUNT: with supp, usu N of n


You describe someone as a particular ~ when you are describing their character.

He seemed to be just the right ~ for the job...

She was a very vigorous ~ of person...

What ~ of men were they?

= type, kind

N-SING: with supp


If you ~ things, you separate them into different classes, groups, or places, for example so that you can do different things with them.

The students are ~ed into three ability groups...

He unlatched the box and ~ed through the papers...

I ~ed the laundry.

VERB: be V-ed into n, V through n, V n


If you get a problem or the details of something ~ed, you do what is necessary to solve the problem or organize the details. (INFORMAL)

I’m trying to get my script ~ed...

= ~ out

VERB: usu passive, get n V-ed


All ~s of things or people means a large number of different things or people.

There are all ~s of animals, including bears, pigs, kangaroos, and penguins...

Self-help groups of all ~s have been running for more than 20 years.



If you describe something as a thing of ~s or as a thing of a ~, you are suggesting that the thing is of a rather poor quality or standard.

He made a living of ~s selling pancakes from a van...



You use ~ of when you want to say that your description of something is not very accurate. (INFORMAL)

You could even order windows from a catalogue–a ~ of mail order stained glass service...

PHRASE vagueness


to ~ the wheat from the chaff: see chaff

nothing of the ~: see nothing

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