Meaning of SORT in English


/ sɔːt; NAmE sɔːrt/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a group or type of people or things that are similar in a particular way

SYN kind :

' What sort of music do you like?' 'Oh, all sorts .'

This sort of problem is quite common. / These sorts of problems are quite common.

He's the sort of person who only cares about money.

For dessert there's a fruit pie of some sort (= you are not sure what kind) .

Most people went on training courses of one sort or another (= of various types) last year.

( informal )

There were snacks—peanuts, olives, that sort of thing .

( informal )

There are all sorts of activities (= many different ones) for kids at the campsite.

( informal )

What sort of price did you want to pay? (= approximately how much)

( informal )

What sort of time do you call this? (= I'm very angry that you have come so late.)

➡ note at kind


[ C , usually sing. ] ( informal , especially BrE ) a particular type of person :

My brother would never cheat on his wife; he's not that sort.


( computing ) [ sing. ] the process of putting data in a particular order :

to do a sort


- it takes all sorts (to make a world)

- of sorts

- out of sorts

- sort of

- a sort of sth

—more at kind noun

■ verb [ vn ]


sort sth (into sth) to arrange things in groups or in a particular order according to their type, etc.; to separate things of one type from others :

sorting the mail

The computer sorts the words into alphabetical order.

Rubbish can easily be separated and sorted into plastics, glass and paper.

—see also sort out


[ often passive ] ( informal , especially BrE ) to deal with a problem successfully or organize sth/sb properly :

Don't worry. We'll soon have this sorted.

It's our problem. We'll get it sorted .

It's all sorted.

It's time you got yourself sorted .


see man noun , sheep , wheat


- sort itself out

- sort sth out

- sort sth out (from sth)

- sort sth/sb / yourself out

- sort sb out

- sort through sth (for sth)



late Middle English : from Old French sorte , from an alteration of Latin sors , sort- lot, condition.

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